As a manufacturer, SHINING 3D not only provides individual devices such as intraoral scanners and printers but also focuses on the usage of the captured data. By offering the software CreTemp as a bridge to connect different devices, SHINING 3D provides a digital end-to-end solution for restoration cases.

Compared to traditional hand-made temporary crowns, the CreTemp has numerous advantages that make it a preferred choice in dental practices.

Accurate Design for Enhanced Patient Comfort

In contrast to traditional hand-made crowns, the crowns designed by CreTemp are highly accurate. Downstream printers like AccuFab-D1s or AccuFab-L4D play a vital role in efficiently delivering high-quality temporary crowns. These printers can produce restorations that closely resemble natural teeth in terms of colour and shape. This precise design and printing guarantee a better fit for patients awaiting their final permanent crown. The comfortable experience not only improves patient satisfaction but also supports optimal oral health during the transition period.

Assist in the Design of the Final Crown

Moreover, the design of temporary crowns created through CreTemp can serve as a reference when designing the final crown. Dentists and technicians can use this opportunity to assess any adjustments or improvements needed before proceeding with the permanent restoration process. By incorporating feedback from patients, dentists can achieve superior results in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

End-to-End Solution in Restoration Cases

As CreTemp is integrated into intraoral scan software and utilizes the slicing software of the printer, it serves as a bridge connecting the intraoral scanner and the downstream printer. This seamless integration between intraoral scanning, designing, and printing provides an end-to-end solution for dental practices in restoration cases by eliminating unnecessary steps and reducing potential errors. Therefore, dentists and technicians can ensure consistent quality throughout every stage of crown design and fabrication, improving treatment effectiveness and overall patient satisfaction.

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