ADAE professional mobile dental clinic

We believe every one desires a dental treatment

ADAE Dental Store created the mobile dental clinic to address the barriers that prevent some individuals from accessing traditional dental care. The mobile clinic allows us to bring dental services directly to communities, making it more convenient for people to receive the care they need. This is especially important for those who may have difficulty traveling to a traditional dental office, such as elderly individuals, individuals with disabilities, or those living in underserved areas. By providing dental care in a mobile setting, we can help improve access to essential oral health services and promote overall well-being within the community. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to receive quality dental care, and the mobile dental clinic plays a crucial role in achieving this mission.

Model parameters and configuration

  1. Vehicle size mm: 820×1974×2660.2800.2920.
  2. Wheelbase mm:3750.

  3. Total Weight kg: 3800.

  4. Vehicle Weight kg: 2720.

  5. Suspension system: Front MacPherson independent suspension/rear Hotchkiss suspension.

  6. Fuel type: Diesel.

  7. Fuel tank capacity(L):80L.

  8. Engine model: JX4D20A6H.

  9. Engine way of working: Turbocharging.

  10. Displacement: 2000.

  11. Maximum power Ps/rpm: 107.

  12. Maximum torque Nm/rpm: 355.

  13. Emission Standards:国Ⅵ.

  14. Drive mode:Front-wheel drive.

  15. Transmission: 6 speed manual transmission.

  16. maximum safe speed km/h: 160.

  17. Tire specifications and models: 215/75R16LT,215/75R16C.

  18. Braking System:Front disc rear disc.

  19. Rated passenger capacity (including driver): 2-3 people.

Main vehicle configurations

  1. ABS+EBD++BAS.
  2. Central locking.

  3. Front electric doors and windows.

  4. Driver's seat airbag.

  5. Remote control key.

  6. Original cab heating and cooling system.

  7. Multifunctional steering wheel + Bluetooth.

  8. LED driving lights + front fog light s.


One year.

Medical cabin interior configuration

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