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I can't believe how well this is holding up. For the price I wasn't expecting much but I was totally wrong.

Very Satisfying results of endomotor and enhanced results.

loupes are very nice, i liked them alot ..very good quality

This suction device works great so far and has a good suction power.

Good biniocular vision. Worth for the price

Good quality, powerful, pedal has a good respond

Love the loupes magnification. Really good offer for the money.

I am so satisfied with this amazing endomtor. Comes as advertised in the photos with all the pieces and cables.

Cheers ;)

These loupes are fantastic! For the money, you are getting a great equity product

Great quality loupes

These loupes have a great quality for the price. I love everything about them.

Love this chair, it's comfortable and beautiful.

I bought one for my office and I’m really impressed with the quality.

Received in perfect condition, and I am very pleased with it.

After use my mouth feels clean and fresh

The product does everything it advertises. Optics are good and the light is very bright.

excellent endo motor with precise apex locator readings.

Used this machine for almost 2 months and I am confident to say it has very powerful suction and very quiet. I definitely will recommend my friends to purchase from you.

I am going to order a second extra oral dental suction machine . I was happy with the first one you sent.

This is our first Dental External Oral Suction Device and we really like it!

Does a great job. Very powerful curing light.

I highly recommend this implant motor, worth the money.

I like the product a lot
Easy to use , work well

Nice quality. Robust assembly. Works as described

Honestly, a great product. Very effective in removing aerosols--you can see it working! Patients feel much more comfortable coming to our office due to this machine.