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ADAE New generation AD014 dental loupes

  • $349

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WHY AD014 loupes are so popular ?

These loupes have a special smart design that has been invented by our talented medical optical engineers. This design simply allows the users who have prescription glasses to use our loupes along with their own prescription frames.
Upon receiving the loupes, you can use them with their own frame, or simply you can detach the loupes body and LED headlight and clip them right into your own prescription frame. Besides, these loupes are made of HD multicoated Medcial Grade lenses for crystal clear vision.
We proudly made these loupes at affordable price as we believe that magnification is becoming the standard of care for the majority of dentists and medical providers to enhanced the vision for improving patient care and improving ergonomic posture for maximum comfort.

Technical parameters

  1. Ultra-lightweight : 75g.
  2. Material: ABS plastic / PVC leather.
  3. Lens Material: HD optical multicoated glass.
  4. Working distance: 420 recommended
  5. Depth of field: 2.5X (90mm) 3.5X (80mm).
  6. Vision: 2.5X (100mm) 3.5X (60mm).
  7. Adjustable wide range of interpupillary distance : 45.5.5mm-71mm.
  8. A large field of view, long depth of field with high-resolution HD optical multicoated glass.
  9. Basic functions: Bi-directional adjustment IPD, manual focus
  10. New generation: The loupes and LED light can be used with your own eyeglasses frame as well.
  11. Light source: highly-bright LED light with adjustable brightness.
  12. The power of LED bulb: 3W.
  13. Charging time: 5 hours.
  14. Light intensity: 15000,40000LUX.
  15. Battery life after a full charge: ~4 hours.
  16. battery weight: 100g.
  17. Charge voltage: AC110V/240V/50-60Hz.

Packing list

  1. Loupes and frame 1 pc.
  2. One clip board in case you want to attach it to your own prescription glasses frame.
  3. Battery 1pc.
  4. LED headlight 1pc.
  5. Glasses wiping cloth 1pc.
  6. Screwdriver 1pc.
  7. Battery charger 1pc .
  8. Headband 1 pc.
  9. Glasses clip 1 pc.
  10. Wire clip 1 pc.
  11. Aluminium box 1pc.
  12. User manual 1pc.
  13. LED filter 1 pc (Optional).
  14. L and R side side shields 2pcs (Optional).


One year

With HD Multicoated Medical Grade Lenses

Do you wear prescription glasses??


Watch the video to see the installation of loupes part on your glasses frame.

Ultimate comfort with Elegant Design

Upgraded durable battery


Upgraded LED bulb with precise light spot  

With optional ADAE LED filter

With optional side shield  

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews

These loupes are very nice . They don't weigh very much even with light attached. They are comfortable to wear.


I’ve just got my pair of loupes. They are really looking nice.


I received my loupes package in such a short time. The quality of these loupes and all it’s accessories is great. Selling team is very kind and responsive.

Madison Chavez

Such an amazing set! Battery also is so durable and lasting long.


loupes are very nice, i liked them alot ..very good quality


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