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Coxo C-PUMA master Dental electric motor

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Electrical motor features

  1. Adapt with contra angle and straight head in accordance with IS03964.
  2. The speed and steering are adjustable, the speed can reach up to 40,000 rpm.
  3. Built-in 7 program memories, each program can adjust para meters independently.
  4. The maximum torque can reach 3.0 N•cm
  5. Internal water spray.
  6. The handle is air-cooled to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  7. LED lighting, light intensity and delay time can be adjusted.

Endo Motor Mode Features

  1. Use 6:1 contra-angle with one-piece Mini head.
  2. Built-in mainstream file system, no need to set up, just select and use.
  3. Auto-reverse and manual real-time reverse function.
  4. Speed: 250-1200RPM.
  5. Torque: 0.6-5.1N.cm.

Mian features

  1. The host has a novel shape and streamlined design.
  2. Full-view color 5-inch LCD display, full touch control.
  3. Pneumatic / manual start mode free to switch.
  4. The motor is small and light and can be autoclave.
  5. Starting air pressure of the motor can be customized.
  6. with an electric motor and Endo motor function that can be switched freely.

Technical parameters

  1. Power adaptor: Input AC100~240V Output DC29.5V.
  2. Main unit: Input power AC 24V.
  3. Motor speed: Maximum 40,000rpm.
  4. Motor torque: Maximum 3.0N.cm.
  5. Motor outer diameter: 20.6mm LED brightness: >25,000lux.
  6. Two contra angles included in this package:
    A-Electric motor model(With 1:5 contra angle) Speed: 10,000~200,000rpm.
    B-Endo motor model(With 6:1 contra angle) Speed: 250~1,200rpm.
  7. Torque: 0.6~5.1N.cm.

Packing list

  • Main unit: 1 pc
  • User manual: 1 pc.
  • Motor: 1 pc.
  • 1:5 contra angle: 1 pc.
  • 6:1 contra angle: 1 pc.
  • Rubber ring: 1 bag.
  • Contra angle base: 1 pc.


One year

Customer Reviews

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Dr Susan J.

Honestly, I am very impressed with your Coxo electric motor and I strated using it alreday at my clinic.
Warm regards
Susan J.

Sajjad ali

Very lucky. I have received my coxo unit. Many thanks to you guys!

Tia Joyce

Just received my order.

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