Coxo C-puma Electric micromotor system

  • $645

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Advantages: perfect balance, ultra light, mini size Fatigue free after long time use, powerful functions, with LED illumination

Simple operating system

Connect the dental unit to the C-Puma with a 4 holes tubing,
use the foot pedal to control the electric motor.

The New-Gen of technology micromotor C-Puma
According to the different treatments and different
handpieces, the speed can be adjusted from

Compact and handy, high torque
Ergonomic designed length and weight greatly reduce the
fatigue from long time operation, the motor can be sterilized.

2 Steps for upgrading the dental unit:Air, Electricity


Electric micromotor

torque output:Max. 2.5 N.cm

speed range:2000rpm-40000rpm (1:1)



LED light>25000LUX

light:white LED

135℃ autoclaved sterilization(only for micromotor)
volume:126mm  Ø 23m


Main unit:

voltage:AC 100-240V

out:Max. 120W

volume::160mm x140mm x70mm 

standard joint  LED light

can be sterilized under the
temperature up to 135℃
(only for the micro motor)


Operation interface

1.Reverse button

2.Memory Program:M1M2 

3.Digital value: indicate the 

current speed

4.Speed button

5.Speed light

6.Rotational speed ratio button



One year