ADAE-6 Super luxury dental unit

  • $7,999

Standard specifications :

  1. Down tray version/Up tray version (optional)
  2. Leather cushion 1 set
  3. Synchronism Motor dental chair control system with three memory(Inter-lock system) 1 set
  4. 24V noiseless DC under voltage motor chair(self-regulation) 1 set
  5. Main on/off electric switch system
  6. Deluxe LED inductive operating lamp 1 set
  7. Moveable ceramic (glass) spittoon
  8. Build out a water supply system with pipeline sterilization system
  9. DC under voltage X-film viewer
  10. Programmable cup filler and bowl rinsing
  11. Water heater
  12. Air turbine hose without light 2 sets
  13. Air motor hose without light 1 set
  14. Assistant control panel
  15. 3-way syringe with cold/hot water
  16. Saliva ejector with an adjustable switch (high and low suction) Integrated foot controller
  17. Deluxe dentist stool

Technical parameters 

  1. Supplied voltage:  220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ.
  2. Supplied air pressure:  0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa.
  3. Supplied Water pressure:  0.2Mpa-0.4Mpa.


One Year 

Wide range of vivid colors manufactured from Premium Leather for ultimate comfort

Four models of dental tray that fit each dentist's need

Complete dental handpiece kit

Kit Includes :

  1. Led dental turbines 2pcs.
  2. Contra angle low-speed handpiece 1pc.
  3. Straight handpiece 1 pc.
  4. Air motor 1 pc.
  5. Luxury Dental box 1 pc.

    Technical parameters and specifications for the low-speed handpiece
    1. Air Pressure:0.25(Mpa)-0.3(Mpa)
    2. Water pressure:198Kpa(2Kg)
    3. Forward rotation speed:18(krpm)
    4. Reversal rotation speed:16( krpm)
    5. Torque:0.4(N)-0.45(N)
    6. Bur size:Φ2.334-Φ2.355(mm)
    7. Water flow:90(min/ml)-110(min/ml)
    8. Water pressure:0.2(Mpa)-0.23(Mpa)
    9. Atomization pressure:0.3(Mpa)-0.35(Mpa)
    10. Noise:≤65dB
    11. Chuck type:push button type

    Description:Internal watercourse, push-button type, can use polisher, burs, dental lab disc, reamer, 4 holes and 2 holes optional

    Technical parameters and specifications for the dental turbine

    1. Air Pressure:0.25(Mpa)-0.3(Mpa)
    2. Rotor Speed:300(krpm)-350(krpm)
    3. Torque:0.4(N)-0.45(N)
    4. Water flow:90(min/ml)-110(min/ml)
    5. Water pressure:0.2(Mpa)-0.23(Mpa)
    6. Atomization pressure:0.3(Mpa)-0.35(Mpa)
    7. Noise:≤65dB
    8. Light:LED
    9. Luminance:16000(LUX)-20000(LUX)
    10. Temperature:5500(K)-6000(K)

    Description:Torque head, push button, E-generator, triple spray,4 holes and 2 holes optional, exposed cartridge, the cartridge can be compatible with KAVO 8000 handpiece.

Details :

  1. Voltage: 110V-220V.
  2. Power: 850W.
  3. Frequency: 50-60 Hz.
  4. Traffic: 100L/min.
  5. Noise: 53-60Db.
  6. Speed: 1400r/min.
  7. Volume: 32L.
  8. Maximum pressure: 0.8MPa Start-up pressure: 0.5MPa.
  9. NW: 26Kg GW(Carton):29Kg GW(Wooden box):32Kg Size: 40×40×62cm.
  10. Carton: 44×44×72cm.
  11. Wooden box Dimension: 45×45×65cm.

Details :

  1. 17 inch HD Taiwan chip technology.
  2. Sony camera probe (10 megapixels).
  3. U disk can play 3D Video.
  4. Communication between doctor and patient.
  5. Can store pictures and videos.
  6. Handel with close shooting focus technology.
  7. Dual remote control camera design play pack.
  8. You can choose between single and Quad display.
  9. 8G U disk.
  10. Mounting bracket .( sizes (45 mm,51mm).

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dr.Hashem Jaleel

our dental center is using your dental unit and we like them.

sarah mahmood
a bit late to write this review :)

I have used this dental chair for more than a year and today I came to write this review.it is awesome dental chair and all parts still working well.


Today was my first day to use it. Very beautiful dental chair and quality is great and much cheaper than the dental units offers here in Australia.