ADAE portable dental Unit BD-402B

  • $650

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Supply Pressure: 110V/60Hz,220V/50Hz Power: 550W

Speed R.P.M: 1400r/min

Air Flow: 130L/min

Pressure: 0.8Mpa

Noise : 40dB(A)

Weight: 24Kgs Dimension: 49*38*52 cm



Standard Accessories:

High speed Handpiece Pipe 1 set

Low speed Handpiece Pipe 1 set

Three Way Syringe 1set

Oilless Air Compressor 1set

Stainless Water Water bottle and Air Tank 1set Suction System1pc

Drain bottle 1pc Foot Control 1pc


Internal parts of the product 

1.The electronic control system (handpiece and suction saliva system can work at the same time)

2. Built-in stainless steel gas tank

3.Electronic control system, including solenoid valves, micro switches and other electronic components,His advantage is that the hand piece  with the suction saliva system can be used at the same time, do not affect each other


One year


550 W motor inside 

Stainless steel air Tank

All the pipes with copper ring

Stainless steel solenoid valve 

Production line for the parts 

Production line for units




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