ADAE Endo Irrigator with irrigation needles
ADAE Endo Irrigator with irrigation needles
ADAE Endo Irrigator with irrigation needles
ADAE Endo Irrigator - ADAE Dental Online Store
ADAE Endo Irrigator - ADAE Dental Online Store
ADAE Endo Irrigator - ADAE Dental Online Store

ADAE Endo Irrigator with irrigation needles

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Quick features  

  1. Upgrade peristaltic pump inside, constant liquid pressure, turning on while using without waiting.
  2. Adjustable liquid pressure for better irrigation efficiency.
  3. Upgraded liquid pump for quieter irrigation process and more durability.


  1. Input power:DC 12V /Power adaptor:AC100-240(1+10%) 50/60Hz.
  2. liquid flow:50ml/min.
  3. One box (100 needles/box) of 30g ADAE Endo irrigation needles included.
  4. Two options of Endo irrigation needles avaiable to choose from: Closed end single vent and closed end double vent needles
  5. It can be used with a wide range of irrigation liquids including sodium hypochlorite solution for root canal irrigation.
  6. The bottle and the internal tubing system has been designed to provide the maximum resistance to the erosive nature of the irrigation solutions.
  7. Max liquid pressure: 0.12MPA.
  8. Weight of the main unit: 600g.
  9. Gross weight: 1.2kg.
  10. Size of the main unit: 190mm×150mm×80mm.
  11. Packing size: 310mm×230mm×135mm.


One year 

Benefits of using an endo irrigator during root canal procedures

Using an endo irrigator during root canal procedures offers several benefits, including:

  1. Effective Irrigation: The endo irrigator helps in thoroughly cleaning the root canal system by effectively irrigating the area, which is crucial for successful root canal treatment.
  2. Debris Removal: It aids in the removal of debris, pulp tissue, and bacteria from the root canal, promoting better disinfection and reducing the risk of infection.
  3. Enhanced Visibility: The irrigation process can help in clearing the field of view, allowing for better visualization of the root canal system and aiding in the identification of any additional canals or complexities.
  4. Chemical Disinfection: It facilitates the delivery of disinfecting solutions into the root canal system, helping to eliminate bacteria and reduce the likelihood of reinfection.
  5. Improved Outcome: Proper irrigation using an endo irrigator can contribute to a higher success rate for root canal procedures by ensuring thorough cleaning and disinfection of the root canal system.
  6. Overall, the use of an endo irrigator is an integral part of modern root canal therapy, contributing to improved outcomes and patient comfort.

Customer Reviews

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first time buying irrgiator and to date, its doing great.


Great product and used it often in my root canal treatment


Excellent, always reliable.




I have been using this for fe months. I trust it!


work great and arrive quickly, at a very nice price!


Works great, just like the one I owned before 4 or 5 years..It worth the cost considering how long it lasted.


Excellent rooth canals irrigator

Wolfie M

This is a really nice product. Well made.