(Big Sale) Dental hand piece kit

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Kit Includes :

  1. Led dental turbines  2 pcs.

  2. Contra angle low-speed handpiece 1pc.

  3. Straight handpiece  1 pc.

  4. Air motor 1pc.

  5. Luxury Dental box 1pc.

Technical parameters and specifications for the low-speed handpiece

  1. Air Pressure:0.25(Mpa)-0.3(Mpa.
  2. Water pressure:198Kpa(2Kg).
  3. Forward rotation speed:18(krpm.
  4. Reversal rotation speed:16 (krpm).
  5. Torque:0.4(N)-0.45(N.
  6. Bur size:Φ2.334-Φ2.355(mm).
  7. Water flow:90(min/ml)-110(min/ml).
  8. Water pressure:0.2(Mpa)-0.23(Mpa).
  9. Atomization pressure:0.3(Mpa)-0.35(Mpa).
  10. Noise:≤65dB.
  11. Chuck type:Push button type.

DescriptionInternal watercourse, push-button type, can use polisher, burs, dental lab disc, reamer, a self-lubricant function of the air motor, 4 holes and 2 holes optional

Technical parameters and specifications for the dental turbine 

  1. Air Pressure:0.25(Mpa)-0.3(Mpa)
  2. Rotor Speed:300(krpm)-350(krpm)
  3. Torque:0.4(N)-0.45(N)
  4. Water flow:90(min/ml)-110(min/ml)
  5. Water pressure:0.2(Mpa)-0.23(Mpa)
  6. Atomization pressure:0.3(Mpa)-0.35(Mpa)
  7. Noise:≤65dB
  8. Light:LED
  9. Luminance:16000(LUX)-20000(LUX)
  10. Temperature:5500(K)-6000(K)

Description:Torque head, push button, E-generator, triple spray,4 holes and 2 holes optional, exposed cartridge, the cartridge can be compatible with KAVO 8000 handpiece.

Customer Reviews

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Nora Jamal
So good quality

Just received a while ago, and I am amazed by this nice box and good quality hand pieces.


great kit

mohamed jabir
very worthy

worhty for money


premium quality dental hand-pieces

Jhon Chacon
good quality

I am still using them and still good

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