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Denjoy Freefill dental obturation system

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Sleek obturation system

1. Six adjustable head-positions

2. 360° start/stop ring allows holding the devices in any angle comfortable for you.

3. Interface is alternative for right & left hand users.

4. APO ranges from 5s to 10s, temperature compensation ranges from -50℃ to 50℃.

5.Temperature setting: 150℃,180℃,200℃,220℃ according to the corresponding heated plugger.

6. Ergonomic and cordless design reduce wrist fatigue.

7. Cartridge design: Reducing the leakage of gutta percha and avoiding cross infection.

8. 360° rotary injection needle facilitates the backfill of various positions of teeth.

9. Plugger rod indicate the remainder of gutta percha in the cartridge.

10. Built-in switch to save the energy and raise the temperature quickly.

11. Automatically shutdown if continue to heat more than 15 min or no operation in 5min.


One year.

Upgraded features

1. Cordless feature makes operation easier and more convenient.
2. Injection needle with 360 swivels (rotating) head that turns for easy use.
3. Heating is faster than before. Only 23 seconds to 200C #55/04 using filling gun.
4. Forwarding gutta-percha with the trigger is no longer in a hard way.
5. Use OLED panel instead of nixie tube to avoid number display missing.
6. Improve the battery holding structure and injection needle structure.
7. Battery level and working status now can be displayed on the panel.


  1. Perfect cordless 3-dimensional obturation system.
  2. Fantastic combination of the filling method of vertical compaction and backfill.
  3. Easy and quick obturation with accurate and predictable filling.
  4. Excellent hermetic sealing with 3-dimensional filling (Total obturation of the entire canal including lateral canals).
  5. Excellent apical control & obturation of anatomically complicated canals.
  6. Condensed gutta percha makes full obturation.
  7. Digitising temperature display contributes to the convenient setting of temperature.
  8. Easy to learn and operate.
  9. Compact design comply with the standard of human engineering.

Charging system

1. Operating Voltage DC. 3.6V.
2. Adaptor Input: AC 100-240V Output: DC 4.5V.
3. Charging time 4 hours .
4. Continuous heat-up time for the gun after fully charging 60 minutes.
5. Continuous heat-up time for the pen after fully charging 30minutes.

Obturation gun

1. Heater DC3.6 V 8W.
2. Temperature sensor Thermocouple .
3. Heating time 30 seconds.
4. Temperature range 180-200 ℃.

Obturation pen

1. Temperature sensor IC type.
2. Heating time 2 Seconds.
3. Temperature range 160-240 ℃.

Customer Reviews

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I received the obtueration kit , Terrific! High quality. Keep up the good work !

Arrived me

Arrived me in good package,love Denjoy.

very good and battery last long

very good and battery last long

Josoe Fortkamp

good and still using it

thumbs up

Denjoy is my favorite brand so YESSSS

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