Demetdent JD-T4 dental milling machine (4Axis)

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Quick feature 

Our mini machine with little space and easy operation, compared with the other series of machines, also can achieve the highest accuracy and cutting speed. It is the smallest CAD/CAM milling machine for the lab, greatly reduced the investment.

The open-ended system, multi-function, high efficiency

Our milling machine is also an open cutting machine, a simple button, and easy operation. The automatic tool change function reduces the waste of time and improves work efficiency.

Technical parameters  

  1. Axis : 4 axis.
  2. Milling mode: Dry milling.
  3. Materials to mill: Zirconia /WAX/PMMA.
  4. Material size: Diameter: 98mm Disk thickness: 10-30mm.
  5. Product type: Coping /Crown, Bridge, Inlay/Onlay.
  6. Max spindle speed: 60000 rpm/min, spindle power is 1.5kw.
  7. Control Panel: Taiwan SYNTEC dental Specific control panel.
  8. Input voltage: Single-phase 220V 50Hz/60Hz.
  9. Power: 2.5KW.
  10. Compatible compressed air: 0.7 Mpa.
  11. Control command set: NC code.
  12. Spindle cooling: Water cooling.
  13. Tool change and check: Full-Automatic.
  14. Positioning accuracy: 0.003mm.
  15. Max feedrate: 60000mm/min.
  16. Tool shank diameter: Φ4mm.
  17. Number of tool housed: 3 pcs.
  18. Dimensions: 485*650*610mm.
  19. Weight: 99KG.
  20. Average milling time: Zirconia: 8-15min, Wax /PMMA : 4-12 min.
  21. Rotation rang: A:±360°.
  22. Advantages:
    A. Open systemHigh precision and efficiency.
    B. Germany GMN Bearing.
    C. Servo motor.
    D. Germany Rexroth Ballscrews and Guides.
    E. 24 hours continuously working.


One year

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