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Coxo C-smart mini AP wireless endomotor with apex locator ( Upgraded version)

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Quick description

You need this C-Smart Mini AP, a complete new wireless Endo motor with apex locator.With its powerful functions and precise measurements, you can easily cope with the root canal preparation problem, and make a perfect root canal. At the same time, you will get rid of cable constraints.
You can operate at any position and at any angle. Give full play to your understanding of root canal preparation. Prepare the root canal you want in minutes.

Technical parameters

Speed: 150~600rpm.
RatedTorque: min. 0.6N.cm.
Battery: Lithium-ion battery(DC3.7V.)
Battery Charger.
Rated Input Voltage DC10V.
Rated Input Current 1.5A.
AC Adapter:
Rated Input Voltage AC100 240V.
Rated Input Frequency 50-60hz.


One year

Watch the video for the full details and operation of Coxo C smart Mini AP Endomotor and Apex Locator

Watch the video for the contra-angle cleaning and maintenance

3 Working modes

1. Single Endo motor mode:

  • When no wire is plugged in and the machine is power on, it is a endo motor mode, the screen is light blue, and the display will cycle between the system name and parameters.
  • The motor will automatically reverses when the file get torque is overrun the torque which you set, the beep will ring, the screen will change to red. This function can protect the file, avoid breaking inside the root canal.
  • The machine has built-in root canal system parameters, which can be easily called by the user or set by himself.
  • Reciprocating motion can be set to a variety of reciprocating angles and speeds to meet all current reciprocating motion requirements.

2.Endo motor with apex locator mode:

  • In the standby mode, when the single-line wire is inserted, the machine automatically switches to the dual function mode, the screen turns blue, and the parameter page displays the root canal scale. Endo motor and apex locator work together.
  • The motor will automatically reverse by torque to protect the file;
  • The motor can automatically reverse by reference apex position to protect the apex;
  • The user can set the reference apex position by himself to find the best balance between safety and precision.

3. Single apex locator mode:

  • Insert the double-line wire in standby mode, the machine automatically switches to the single apex locatormode, the screen turns green, and the root canal scale is displayed.
  • You can use it like a normal apex locator. In order to make the user see it more clearly, when the file near the apex less than 1mm, the machine will enlarge display of the apex scale.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent endomotor with apex locator. Works very fluently. Got the product delivered safe and sound. Thank you very much.

Dr.Omar Shabban

Very Satisfying results of endomotor and enhanced results.

Paulina Sab.

I am so satisfied with this amazing endomtor. Comes as advertised in the photos with all the pieces and cables.

Cheers ;)

Sara Henderson

excellent endo motor with precise apex locator readings.


It does its job nicely

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