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ADAE VRN-Q6 Air Master 2.0 ultrasonic Scaler with air polisher

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The foot pedal can be used to control the main unit wirelessly or through a cord that is also included inside the product's package.

Main features

  1. Sandblasting could remove the plague and stains on the dental implants without any harm to the implant material with 1 PEEK plastic special implant maintaining tip for soft and high efficient operation.
  2. The scaler tip is casted from Titanium alloy to ensure circular vibration track and more concentrated amplitude, so that Perio, Scaling. Endo, Restorative treatments can be done simultaneously.
  3. Spray the water and powder mixture onto the tooth surface with compressed air, to remove the dental plaque, pigment and soft dirt, etc, to completely suppress the source of periodontal disease, keep your gums healthy.
  4. Constant air pressure during the air polishing treatment with a dentist capability of adjusting the powder outflow to make patient comfortable during the treatment.
  5. Two large refillable bottles that can be filled with pure water or disinfectant, and two powder bottles.
  6. Detachable handpiece can be (135℃ and 0.22 MPa) autoclaved.
  7. The foot pedal can be used to control the main unit wirelessly or through a cord that is also included inside the product's package.
  8. Bright LED light for clearer vision.


Input Voltage

110V-240V.50/60 Hz

Supply Voltage

DC30V 1.3A

Battery of Wireless Foot Pedal

1.5V two AA batteres

Receiving Sensitivity

114dB receiving frequency2.4G Hz-2.5G Hz

Primary Tip Vibration Excursion

minimum: 1 μm       deviation:-50%
maximum:100 μm   deviation:+50%

Half-excursion Force

minimum: 0.1N       deviation:-50%
maximum:2N         deviation:+50%

Tip Vibration Frequency

28 KHz±3KHz

Input Power


Output Power



T3AL 250V

Intake Pressure

5bar-6 bar(0.5 MPa-0 6 MPa)

Specifications of Sandblasting Powder

The size of sand blasting power which act on gingival is 40 μm-65μm; act on subgingival is 25 μm and brackish or lemon

Weight of Main Unit

1.5 kg

Weight of Power A


Dimension in mm(H x M x D)

310 x 370 x 295

Operation Mode

Continuous operation

Type of Electric Shock Protection

Class II

Capacity of Electric Shock Protection

Applied part, Type B

Degree of protection against harmful ingress of water

Ordinary equipment(IPX4)

Protection against water (used on the foot pedal)


Security Degree in the Presence of Infammable Anaesthetics or Gases mixed with air or Nitrous Oxide

Not AP or APG Type

Operating Conditions

a)Ambient temperature:5℃-40℃
b)Relative Humidity:≤80%,Atmospheric Pressure:75KPa- 106KPa
c) Supply Voltage:100 V-240V~ 50-60 Hz
d) Wireless Foot Pedal:
Emissive frequency:2 4 GHz- 25GHz,auto hopped frequency
Modulatio GFSK
Efective radiated power:12dbm

Standard accessories

  1. Main unit *1
  2. Disinfection boxe*2
  3. PH-2 LED ultrasonic piezo handpiece *2
  4. AH-1 supragingival air-polishing handpiece *2
  5. AH-2 subgingival air-polishing handpiece *1
  6. Water Tank *2
  7. Wireless foot pedal *1
  8. Wired foot pedal *1
  9. Wrench of endo file *1
  10. Q6 subgingival air-polishing tip *40
  11. Scaling tips *22
  12. 20# Endo file *6
  13. 25# Endo file *6
  14. Torque tip wrench *2
  15. Endo File wrench *1
  16. Protective goggles *1
  17. Ultrasonic endo file *1
  18. Anti powder blocking components *1


One year

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fantastic powerful device

Our order has been delivered.
It is wonderfully effective at removing the heavy calculus and has such a nice set of scaling tips and accessories that are I am quite sure will be very useful for my dental treatment. Easy to install and totally portable.

dr.Momtaz ahmed

Excellent and durable product. Polishing and scaling results are superior.
thank you for this amazing product>
my regards
dr.Momtaz Ahmed

After 4 months using it, still work great.

After 4 months using it, still work great.


good stuff . I like your online market

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