ADAE Twin-pen sandblaster

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Quick description 

Fine Blasting Units is used to polish the surface of porcelain crowns, it is necessary dental equipment. It has a large window, and the twin-pen can be used to polish materials of different hardness. The transparent bottles enable users to observe the state of the sand during the sandblasting process. The advantages are: strong sandblasting power, smooth and accurate operations, and it is easy to repair. This sandblaster is a necessary tool for polishing the surface of porcelain crowns in dentistry.


Technical parameters 

Voltage: 220V 50HZ lighting has been upgraded to LED lamp lighting

Pressure: ≥4kg

Sand particle size: ≥120 mesh

Dimensions: about 42*39*26cm

Packing size: about 47*44*31cm

Weight: 14gk-15gk



One year 


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