ADAE Refine dental X-Ray sensor (R1-R2) with Twain Driver(Upgraded version)

  • $1,699

X-Ray images result generated by ADAE Refine X-Ray sensor-Upgraded version

General Description

  1. Two models are available: R1 and R2.
  3. Maximum stability with over 50000+ exposures without imaging quality loss.
  4. Reliable, durable material and components.
  5. New practical, compact overall design, space-saving, Chair-side shooting, high resolution.
  6. CMOS Detector technology with CSI scintillator ensures optimal resolution and low dose clinical imaging.
  7. AED Technology, automatic exposure detection, fast imaging, easy workflow, compatible with different x-ray generators.
  8. High-speed direct USB interface, easy to connect to PC without needing an additional control box
  9. Ergonomic Design: Rounded corner, smooth edges, flexible cable.
  10. Ultra-slim design: 4.4mm sensor, enables maximum patient comfort.
  11. Durable Robust cable connection: 80000+ times bending tested.
  12. IP68 Waterproof performance.
  13. Easy-to-install Software: Enhance a perfect operation experience in imaging acquiring, viewing, analyzing, and sharing and also works with TWAIN DRIVER.
  14. Click here to view the full details of the X-ray sensor software in the user manual.

Technical parameters

Packing list

  1. X-Ray sensor: 1 pc
  2. USB Flash disk ( Software): 1 pc
  3. Sensor holder: 1 pc
  4. Protective sleeves: 100 pcs.
  5. Dongle: 1 pc.


One year.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Dr John Young

I have ordered 3 sensors and all installed and work great as I expected. This is a trust worth store


I just received my x ray digital sensor. The quality of this sensor is very superior. Your service much appreciated dear ADAE team

Good job !

FAST delivery

Htoo Aung
Thank you

very good sensor and x ray pictuers are so clear. Now I am using it with my wall mount X ray machine , any recommendation for hand held machine ?

HI !
Happy that you are satisfied with our Handy X Ray sensor. If you are planning to purchase a portable X ray from our store, then we do highly recommend you to consider our ADAE portable Xray machine
You will find more details about it at the link below:
Taka Care ,
ADAE Support Team

Valentina Q.
amazing image quality

Received by me, it has amazing image quality. it is recommended for any dentist.

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