ADAE Q5 dental milling machine (5 Axis)

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Samples of milled prodcuts

Crown and bdrige

PEEK bracket

Glass cermaics


Technical parameters

  1. Axis: 5 Axis.
  2. Max spindle speed: 60000 rpm/min; spindle power 1.8 kW.
  3. Processing range: Axis ِA: 360º
    Axis B: +20°
  4. Input voltage: 220v-110V.
  5. Air supply: 6 Bars.
  6. Tool Magazine: 6.
  7. Cutting way: Wet and Dry.
  8. Spindle cooling: Water coolant.
  9. Tool change: Full-Automatic.
  10. Positioning accuracy: 0.002mm.
  11. Max feedrate: 60000mm/min.
  12. Dimensions: 810*725*1670mm.
  13. Weight: 520 KG.
  14. Average milling time:
    Titanium bar:7-15min
    Titanium Crown: 9-20 min
    Zirconia: 6-8 min
    Model: 25-38min
    Abutment: 12-28min
    Glass Ceramic: 15-38min
  15. Fixture: Single Disk: D98mm Thickness: 10-30mm
    Premilled Abutment: disk
    Glass Ceramic: 3 Pieces/disk
  16. Materials to mill: Titanium /CoCr/WAX/PEEK/PMMA/
    Resin/Zirconia/ Glass-ceramic/Lithium


One year.

With water cooling spindle,makes spindle in time to speed up the cutting speed and ensure higher precision. Fix the cutting fluid with water and can be replaced according to the usage. With imported Hiwin linear, slider support directly below the working area, makes the machine more rigidity.Also with oil lubrication system, long-term guarantee accuracy, lead screw guide life extension of more than 3 years.
Double support is with more rigidity than unilateral support, and not easy to flick tool to ensure the accuracy of milling machine.

CAM automatic programming, data management, open system, accept world common format files. Automatic recognition of toolpaths to improve production efficiency.

5 axis simultaneous milling and orbit technology

Milling Spindle Soft Automatic with 8-fold tool changer

Particularly space-saving

Equipped with blocking air

Mills and grinds the toughest materials on the market including all Ti and CoCr materials

Solid cast-body for minimum vibrations

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