ADAE Q4 dental milling machine (4 Axis)
ADAE Q4 dental milling machine (4 Axis)
ADAE Q4 dental milling machine (4 Axis)
ADAE Q4 dental milling machine (4 Axis)
ADAE Q4 dental milling machine (4 Axis)

ADAE Q4 dental milling machine (4 Axis)

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The 4axis ADAE Q4 dental millign machine does not only master conventional crown and bridge work but also designed for fabricating more complex indications with dry millable materials. It include fast processing times, maximum quality, and a wide range of indications and materials. Utilising materials in a 98mm half disk form, can save many materials for customers.
These mills typically use various Carbide tools to mill restorations from Zirconia, Wax or PMMA materials. The waste materials, known as swarf, are removed from the manufacturing area via pressurised air with specialist Dust Extraction units. These extraction units have high efficiency particle filters to ensure that clean air is maintained in the workplace, and waste is captured in large capacity bags.

Technical parameters

  1. Axis: 4 Axis.
  2. Max spindle speed: 60000 rpm/min;spindle power 0.8 kw.
  3. Input voltage: 220V-110V.
  4. Air supply: 6 Bars.
  5. Tool Magazine: 3.
  6. Cutting way: Dry.
  7. Spindle cooling: Water coolant.
  8. Tool change: Full-Automatic.
  9. Positioning accuracy: 0.002mm.
  10. Max feedrate:60000mm/min.
  11. Dimensions: 610*590*610mm.
  12. Weight: 200 KG.
  13. Average milling time: Wax: 2-5 minutes.
    PMMA: 5-8 minutes.
  14. Fixture: Single Disk: D98mm -Thickness: 10-22mm.
  15. Material to mille: Zirconia / WAX/PMMA/ Resin.


One year.

Application scope

It can process several personalized sets, titanium tubes, brackets, optional processing PEEK function.

Stable performance

Double support, stronger stability, integration of motor seat, bearing seat and machine tool cast iron, with high rigidity, anti-impact and non-deformation characteristics, so that the abutment maintains high rigidity, long life, integrated cooling system, long Time work without heat, keep the machine running for a long time with high precision.

Quality Assurance:

Imported high-quality accessories from the world's top brands

Long-lasting operation

Using international standard full Meehanite cast iron, one-piece molding without welding, stable and stable operation

Intelligent Tool Changer

Knows which tool to automatically swap out when tools have reached their designated lifespan.

Clean Milling Environment

Clean milling with powerfully efficient internal dust collection and an automatic cleaning brush.

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