ADAE Q-1 Zirconia Sintering Furnace

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Advantages of ADAE Zirconia furnace

  1. The periphery the chamber is evenly distributed with heating rods, so that the internal temperature of the furnace is uniform at a high temperature.
  2. It can store 40 programs. Three layers of crucible can be used simultaneously.
  3. Use new ring-type transformers, with light weight good stability and long life.
  4. PID intelligent temperature control, high accuracy of temperature control. At 1500°C the temperature accuracy is ±1°C.
  5. High-performance motor and belt, running stably, low noise and long life.
  6. Insulation materials imported from German and thicker insulation layer design, effective insulation, energy saving and ensure the uniformity of temperature.
  7. Pure molybdenum silicon rods, no pollution.
  8. Splicing type of hearth design with long life.
  9. Seven-inch high-resolution colourful LCD touch screen, All operations are completed on the touch screen, simple operation and human-friendly.

Quick features

Quick zirconia sintering crystallizing time
Simple English touch screen control panel
Various programmed curve setting available
Exclusive elements to avoid zirconia discolouration
Compact muffle chamber with auto lift and drop tray

Technical parameters

Chamber structure: circular and bottom lift.
Display: Touch screen LCD.
Max Temperature: 1700°C.
Usable Range:<1600°C.
Heating Rate: Suggestion 0~20°C/min.
Accuracy: ±1°C
Inside Chamber Size: Φ100*100mm.
Heating Element: MoSi2 rod.
Thermocouple: B type.
Max. Power: 2KW.
Working Voltage: 110V/220V, 50-60hz.
Temperature Control: PID automatic control via SCR power control.
Size: 420*570*830(mm).
Weight: 73Kg.


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