AD005 professional teeth whitening kit for dental clinics

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Clinical results samples of using our ADAE teeth whitening kits

Each kit can be used for 3~4 patients

Each whitening kit includes:

  • 3ML Gum protector 1pc.
  • Plastic tips for gingival protection 3pcs.
  • Teeth whitening liquid bottle 3pcs ( Three bottles (3ml each) of whitening liquid of 35% Hydrogen peroxide that needed to be mixed with powder).
  • Catalyst powder for better whitening (5gm each) to achieve better whitening results.
  • Pearl white application brush 3 pcs.
  • Gum protector (3ml) with three tips
  • Empty mixing jar 1 pc.
  • shade guide 1pc.
  • User manual 1pc.

    Main ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide, with a concentration of 35%

How to use?

Step1: Take a record of the patient's teeth prior to the whitening treatment.

Step2: Wear the protective glasses and put on the cheek retractor

Step3: Apply the lip protection oil

Step4: Dry the teeth and gums. Apply for the Gingival Protection. Light cure in a circular motion.

Step5: mix the teeth whitening powder and liquid together, then use the small brush to apply the gel on the teeth carefully. 

Step6: Adjust the whitening machine and press the Start button to begin the first ten-minute

Step7: At the end of the ten-minute cycle, use dry suction to remove the whitening gel. DO NOT rinse with water. Repeat Steps 4-6.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Luise Young

used in my center for long time and they give good results

Dr. Weddad lamee

by far the best kit I ever tried at my dental office


Does the job!


it has noticeable results on my patients. Will place a new order soon.

yasser Khalil

Really like this whitening kit! It works as it is supposed to.

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