ADAE P27 Dental unit
ADAE P27 Dental unit

ADAE P27 Dental unit

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Option A (Built-in Woodpecker scaler N2-LED+Built-in Woodpecker LED.Q curing light+Complete dental hand piece kit)
Option B (AD228 silent air compressor (Oil-Free)-850W-32L)
Option C ( Sony probe Intra-Oral camera 10 megapixels with 17 inch)
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Standard accessoris

  • Ergonomic design offering a variety of delivery positions.
  • Patient seating body formed with highly flexible design enabling various angles seat
  • All controlled by computer
  • Three fully automatic computer memory program setting and control to enable let the dentist for flexibility to set different surgical treatment
  • U.S. imported water pipe and reliable material, acid and alkali resistant, with a long service life
  • Automatic thermostatic low-pressure hot water supply system which makes the treatment more comfortable and safer.
  • Three way syringe (one for straight and one for angled)
  • Strong and weak two set LED sensor operation lamp
  • Saliva ejector (Central vacuum system for options)
  • 24V noiseless imported DC motor.
  • Pure water one-touch switch system.
  • Water purified system with bottle of external.
  • 24v low voltage of film viewer.
  • X-film viewer (1set).
  • Spirit lock tight Equilibrium Equip.
  • Handpiece tubing with standard fittings (3sets).
  • Removable and wash glass spittoon.
  • Timed bowl rinsing and cup filling.
  • Water purified system with external bottles .
  • headrest suitable for adult or children
  • Multifunctional foot pedal.
  • Assistant controlled system by touchpad
  • Dental stool 1pc

Technical specifications

1. Supply Voltage (110V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz ).

2. Air Pressure (>0.55Mpa).

3. Water Pressure (0.2Mpa-.04Mpa).

4. Lowest position of Dental chair (440mm).

5. The highest position of Dental chair (880mm).

6. Highest smallest angle of Dental Chair ( 5°).

7. Lowest smallest angle of Dental Chair ( 85°).

8.Weight: 280kg.

9. Package: 105*148*120 cm

10. Package: Wooden cases.


One year.

Complete dental handpiece kit

Kit Includes :

  1. Led dental turbines 2pcs.
  2. Contra angle low-speed handpiece 1pc.
  3. Straight handpiece 1 pc.
  4. Air motor 1 pc.
  5. Luxury Dental box 1 pc.

    Technical parameters and specifications for the low-speed handpiece
    1. Air Pressure:0.25(Mpa)-0.3(Mpa)
    2. Water pressure:198Kpa(2Kg)
    3. Forward rotation speed:18(krpm)
    4. Reversal rotation speed:16( krpm)
    5. Torque:0.4(N)-0.45(N)
    6. Bur size:Φ2.334-Φ2.355(mm)
    7. Water flow:90(min/ml)-110(min/ml)
    8. Water pressure:0.2(Mpa)-0.23(Mpa)
    9. Atomization pressure:0.3(Mpa)-0.35(Mpa)
    10. Noise:≤65dB
    11. Chuck type:push button type

    Description:Internal watercourse, push-button type, can use polisher, burs, dental lab disc, reamer, 4 holes and 2 holes optional

    Technical parameters and specifications for the dental turbine

    1. Air Pressure:0.25(Mpa)-0.3(Mpa)
    2. Rotor Speed:300(krpm)-350(krpm)
    3. Torque:0.4(N)-0.45(N)
    4. Water flow:90(min/ml)-110(min/ml)
    5. Water pressure:0.2(Mpa)-0.23(Mpa)
    6. Atomization pressure:0.3(Mpa)-0.35(Mpa)
    7. Noise:≤65dB
    8. Light:LED
    9. Luminance:16000(LUX)-20000(LUX)
    10. Temperature:5500(K)-6000(K)

    Description:Torque head, push button, E-generator, triple spray,4 holes and 2 holes optional, exposed cartridge, the cartridge can be compatible with KAVO 8000 handpiece.

Details :

  1. Voltage: 110V-220V.
  2. Power: 850W.
  3. Frequency: 50-60 Hz.
  4. Traffic: 100L/min.
  5. Noise: 53-60Db.
  6. Speed: 1400r/min.
  7. Volume: 32L.
  8. Maximum pressure: 0.8MPa Start-up pressure: 0.5MPa.
  9. NW: 26Kg GW(Carton):29Kg GW(Wooden box):32Kg Size: 40×40×62cm.
  10. Carton: 44×44×72cm.
  11. Wooden box Dimension: 45×45×65cm.

Details :

  1. 17 inch HD Taiwan chip technology.
  2. Sony camera probe (10 megapixels).
  3. U disk can play 3D Video.
  4. Communication between doctor and patient.
  5. Can store pictures and videos.
  6. Handel with close shooting focus technology.
  7. Dual remote control camera design play pack.
  8. You can choose between single and Quad display.
  9. 8G U disk.
  10. Mounting bracket .( sizes (45 mm,51mm).

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