ADAE nitrous oxide dental sedation system
ADAE nitrous oxide dental sedation system
ADAE nitrous oxide dental sedation system

ADAE nitrous oxide dental sedation system

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Nitrous Oxide Sedation System has been widely used in clinical practice for 160 years. It produces analgesic (pain killing) and anxiolytic (anxiety reduction) effects. Our Nitrous Oxide Sedation System makes a good performance in dentistry department , gastrointestinal endoscopy department, obstetrics department, and other medical departments. Nitrous Oxide Sedation System can offer you the choices that you need in ventilation mode, monitoring and technique support.

Alarm and protection

  • The AC power failure alarm: Power failure or no connection.
  • Internal battery backup low voltage alarm: <11.3±0.3V.
  • High oxygen concentration alarm: 31%-100%
  • Low oxygen concentration alarm.
  • High Airway pressure alarm: 5cmH2O-60cmH2O.
  • Pressure limit:   60cmH2O.
  • Emergency air input: When machine doesnt work.
  • N2O Closure function: When oxygen pressure ≤200kPa.
  • Low gas source input pressure: Pressure ≤200kPa.

Technicial parameters

  • Gas source: O2,N2O.
  • Pressure: 280kPa-600kPa.
  • Voltage:110-220V.
  • Power frequency: 50-60 Hz±1Hz
  • Input power: 60VA.


One year.

Trust piont

  • Simplicity: easy to use, easy to move with 5 casters.
  • Convenient: compact interface and big screen give you better operating experience.
  • Option: adapt the equipment to your patients and procedures freely.
  • Friendly: flexible configurations to meet your requirement. Quality: international standard and advanced technology make it suitable for wide range use.
  • Trust: designed and manufactured by our team with over 25 years experience in this field.
  • Worldwide: over 3,000 units are installed in the world.


  • 7”TFT LCD screen displays information area, alarm area, monitoring area and setting area.
  • Integrated breathing circuit design, ensure easy operation and keep tidy.
  • Multiple parameters monitoring interface, make every parameter clear, let users know the patient conditions in all aspects.
  • Multiple ventilation modes, suitable for different clinical needs.
  • Electronic control mixed gas blender, high precision adjustment.
  • Built-in concentration monitoring system, real-time monitoring.


  • Three level alarm system, come with visual and audible alarm information.
  • With lots of alarm, reminding and protection functions.
  • Advanced power management control technology.
  • Built-in backup battery provides the emergency power supply up to 2-3 hours.

Nitrous oxide is a very quick-acting inhaled sedation medicine that decreases discomfort and anxiety. It has been most widely used in the left common procedures.

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