ADAE dental reduction hand piece 4:1-Japan imported bearing

  • $150

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Japan imported bearing

4:1 Reduction Handpiece
Internal water / Japan imported bearing / ISO standard E-type connection
Technical data:
Air pressure 245-392kpa
Water pressure 200Kpa
Atomized air pressure 200Kpa
Rotation speed 3,500~5,000rpm
Bur taking Push button
Bur applicable CA head Φ2.33~2.35mmFG headΦ1.59~1.60mm
Noise ≤70DB
Voltage 3.0V~3.2V

Quick features 

1. The head of contra-angle is detachable and can be replaced with CA  or FG or Hand file head)
2. It can equipped with high speed bur for finishing and polishing the filing material; it also can equipped with polishing cup; easy to repair and protection.
3. Speed and direction adjustment. Japan imported bearing



-One Year for the main body 

-6 months for the bur head 


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