ADAE oral panoramic unit

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General description

  1. Adoption of an imported small-focus X-ray tube (0.5mm*0.5mm) and imported motor thus being capable of getting clear X-ray images.
  2. Adoption of various imaging focus tracks and 13 common imaging modes which fit any patient.
  3. Adoption of 1.2-1.3 Magnification times makes diagnosis easier.
  4. Convenient and accurate patient positioning.
  5. Connecting to anybrand of CR machine to realize digitalization.
  6. Revolutionary SCSRS imaging plates,the most abundant procedure can provide more clinical diagnosis message and jaw image information
  7. The advanced scanning makes image reducing and definition reach a high level.
  8. Scan localization is more accurate,less image interference, to get more precise and accurate clinical diagnosis message
  9. Operating environment is more sciencetific, rational, intuitive, simple and convenient.
  10. The appearance and structural design are succinct and smooth, it is a perfect combination of the technology and design.

Technical specifications

  1. Voltage: 110-220V.
  2. Power frequency and resistance: 50 Hz <1Ω.
  3. Rated capacity: 60-88kV 12mA.
  4. Nominal Focus Value: 0.5×0.5mm.
  5. Total Filter: 2.5mmAI.
  6. Running Mode:Intermittent loading and continuous duty.
  7. Input Power: 2500VA.
  8. Security classification: Class I.


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