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  1. LCD screen is 8.9 inch 4k with a pixel of 3840*2400 dpi, so the XY resolution (accuracy) of SLASH 2 is 49.8μm with a build area of 192*120*200mm which is enough for all the dental applications.
  2. We have put 126 balls led arrays light with high power as light source to make the light intensity as strong as DLP printers (UV LED). While Phrozen put less than 60 low power led lights.
  3. We developed the special mainboard to control the 126 balls led lights to launch parallel lights in order to make the light with good uniformity.
  4. Printing Speed is about 5cm /hour at 100 um slicing with dental model resins. As fast as fast DLP printers.
  5. Software is totally open, so customer can add any third-part resin such as Nextdent, Dreven, Bego,Detax, Dentca.


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our lab used your printer and it gave us an accurate printing models. Now, we are thinking of purchasing more dental resins. Would you please let us know the disoucnt that you could offer us if we purchae a larger quantity of your printing resin?

Hello Sangita, Thanks for your feedback. If you are planning to place an order for larger quantity of our ADAE Dental 3D printing resin, then we do recommend you to forward your inquiries to our sales department team at sales@adae.store

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