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ADAE AD50 Dental Implant Stability Meter

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ADAE AD50 Dental implant stability meter is an innovative and highly intuitive tool designed to guide implant treatments for more predictable results.Helps to support decision on when to load an implant.The value will show on the display,the higher the value, the more stable the implant.Helping clinicians improve patient confidence and comfort.
With this smart tool you can easily monitor osseointegration of your dental implants and eliminate any doubt.
The stability of the dental implant is scaled on ISQ ( 1-99 ). In general any value above 70 indicates a very stable implant with low micro-mobility that can withstand normal functional forces in the mouth and this confirms that loading that implant is appropriate

How it works?

When unit is attached to an implant, it will vibrate. The frequency of the vibration is picked up by ADAE Implant meter and translated into an Implant Stability Quotient (ISQ) scale value between 1 and 99.

Technical specifications

  • Charger input: 100-240 VAC, 5A.
  • Instrument weight: 100g.

  • Battery full charge time:Appx: 3 hours.

  • Battery continuous drive time: Appx 1 hour.

Packing list

  • Main unit*1
  • Charging base*1
  • Calibrator*1
  • Charger*1
  • Disposable protective sleeve*1 bag
  • English operation manual
  • Sensor*10
  • Wrench*5


One year.

List of the dental implant systems that are compatible with our unit

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