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ADAE AD001 portable dental unit with built-in silent air compressor

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  1. CE certified.
  2. Input: 110V~240V/50Hz~60Hz.
  3. Power: 550W.
  4. Speed R.P.M: 1400r/min.
  5. Air Flow: 130L/min.
  6. Pressure: 0.8Mpa.
  7. Noise : 40dB(A).
  8. N.Weight : 19Kgs.
  9. G.Weight: 22Kgs.
  10. Dimension: 49*38*52 cm.

Standard Accessories:

  1. High-speed Handpiece Pipe 1 set.
  2. Low-speed Handpiece Pipe 1 set.
  3. Three Way Syringe 1set.
  4. Oilless Air Compressor 1set.
  5. Water bottle and Air Tank 1set.
  6. Suction System1pc.
  7. Drain bottle 1pc.
  8. Foot Control 1pc.
  9. Optional dental handpiece kit: This kit includes:
    Push button LED dental turbine 1pc.
    Push button contra angle handpiece 1pc.
    Air motor 1 pc.

Internal parts of the product 

1.The electronic control system (handpiece and suction saliva system can work at the same time)

2. Built-in stainless steel gas tank

3. An electronic control system, including solenoid valves, micro switches, and other electronic components. It has the advantage that both hand-piece and suction saliva system can be used at the same time.

Push button led dental turbine specification

  • Push button LED dental turbine
  • Self-sufficient power system instead of extra supply.
  • Clear view with day-light LED illumination.
  • Triple spray.
  • Operating pressure: 0.25Mpa-0.3Mpa(0.3Mpa preferred).
  • Air consumption: 55L/min.
  • Free-load speed: 260,000 r.p.m for torque head.
  • Speed of generator: 25,000 - 30,000 r.p.m.
  • Chucking power: 20-45N.
  • Noise: ≤70db.
  • Net weight: 88g.

Contra angle specifications

  • External Water Spray.
  • Latch type.
  • 22,000R.P.M max.
  • Precise technology, Steady, no vibration while revolving, offering a steady operation.
  • Exquisite appearance, Modern clipper-built designation, with elegant and attractive appearance.
  • Durable and autoclavable portable dental handpiece.

Air motor specification

  • 1:1 Drive.
  • 22,000R.P.M max(0.25MPa).


One year 

550W motor inside

Stainless steel air Tank

All the pipes with a copper ring

The stainless steel solenoid valve 

Production line for the parts 

Production line for units

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
dr mandy samule

Efficient and transportable all in one dental unit


Came on time very protected.


I still can use both sucker and hand piece , so it good

Paul G.

I will begin to use it ,well built and nice packaging

works normally

I got them month ago and they are still working fine. I am looking for a good endomotor with good apex locator, any recommendations plz ??

HI Krishna!
Thanks for your 5 stats review. Yes, we do highly recommend you our best seller ADAE R-smart plus endomotor with built in accurate apex locator. You can find full details about it with video related at our store at the link below:
Feel free to reach us for any further inquiries.

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