ADAE AD-C6 Dental professional ultrasonic cleaner

  • $380

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Frequency: 35,000Hz                                                                                                                        Strong power: 170 W ( AC 100~120V 60 Hz),170 W (AC 220~240V 50 Hz),150 W (AC 100V 50/60 Hz)

Tank Capacity: 3000 ml/3.2 quart (US),Max.2500 ml / 2.6 quart (US),Min.1500 ml / 1.6 quart (US).                                                        

Tank size:25.0 x 17.4 x 7.8 cm / 9.8” x 6.9” x 3.1”

Timer: 1 to 30-minute full range timer.

Net Weight 5.1Kg, 11.3 Ib

Gross weight 6.1Kg, 13.4 Ib                                                                                  



Controlled heating:Temperature display in °C / °F.(showing at 40℃/104°F 45℃/113°F 50℃/122°F 55℃/131°F 60℃/140°F)                    

Solution usage timer. Drainage valve & Detachable power cord,convenient to use.                    

High quality and improved working effect with more professional technique design: Dual heater protections,Moisture-proofed PCB,Degas feature,Industrial IC,Housing made from engineering resin.


One year  



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