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ADAE VAFU curing light with caries detector (upgraded version)

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Basic features

1. One second to cure.
2. 50% bigger lens, surface area 78mm².
3. Wireless charging with buit-in light metering function, 2200mA battery capacity.
4. Three power levels : P1-Ultra power 3200mW/cm² ;P2-high power 2400mW/cm²; P3-standard power 1600mW/cm²
5. 360° Curing.
6. Caries detection function.
7. OLED display.
8. Four professional tips included:
Point Cure Lens: 2pcs.
Proxi Ball: 1pc.
Endo Guide: 1pc.


1. Dimensions: 33mm x 27mm x 206mm.
2. Net weight:160g.
3. Power supply:
    Different power supply
    Power supply is Rechargeable battery
    Standard voltage:3.7V,capacity:2200mAh
    Battery model:ICR 18650,with protection for overvoltage,overcyrrent and short-circuits.

Power Adapter specifciations:
Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz.  
Fuse: T1A 250V.  
Input power: 5VA.  
Output: 5V 1A.

4.LED Light:
Watt high power blue LED light.  
Class: Class 1.
Wavelength: 400nm-480nm.
Light intensity: 1600mW/cm²-3200mW/cm². 
Checking: LED light works under proper use.
Radiation: >=850mW/cm2.  
Optical effective area: 75mm2 .
LED Curing Light is applicable to some commonly-used resin based materials in dental clinic,such as 3M,Dentsply etc.

5.Working condition:
Environment temperature: 5℃-40℃.
Relative humidity: <=80%.
Atmosphere temperature: 75kPa-106kPa.

6. Caries detection accuracy : 99%.


One year 

360° rotatable lamp head, free to adjust

The opening angle of the traditional model is large, and some patients need to rely on the retractor to open the mouth

The design of VAFU, the height of the lamp holder is only 11.8mm, which can easily cure the posterior teeth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Does a great job. Very powerful curing light.


the caries detection is awesome and adds a great value for this curing light

Vincent Steele

easy to use and does a good job.

Katie Swenson

The LED cure light is light weight, holds a charge for longer than I expected, and is easy to use

good choice, recommended

good choice, recommended

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