AD270 dental unit for kids

  • $5,999

Standard specifications

1.Dinosaur cartoon chair 1 set.
2.Un-memory control system 1 set.
3.Dinosaur chair stretch tail 1 pc.
4.Adjustable headrest 1 set
5.Smile apple ceramic cuspidor 1 set.
6.Smile cat side unit 1 set.
7.Turnable head of smile cat 1 set.
8.LED operation light with sensor 1 set.
9.Build-in Floor Box 1 set.
10.Devilfish tray by movement cart 1 set.
11.Normal suction saliva system 1 set
12.Water supply transition system 1 set.
13.Automatic Heating water system 1 set.
14.Three way Syringe (one for hot and one for cold) 2 pcs
15.Handpiece tubing 2high /one low.
16.AC X-film viewer 1 set.
17.Tablet pc 1 set.
18.Multifunction foot pedal 1 pc
19.Import electric valve 1 set
20.Import water / air tubing 1 set
21.Built-in Water purified System 1 set
22.Dentist Stool 1 pc.
23.Injection Model Plastic.


1.Power supply: AC220V,50HZ / AC110V,60HZ
2.Input power: 1200VA
3.Fuse specification: 51F F6.3AH250V 5.2*20mm
4.Operation light: AC12V/50VA .
5.X-film viewer: AC12V/1VA .
6.Water supply thermostat: AC24V/80VA.
7.Motor: DC24V/150VA .


one year 

Main features of dental unit

Patient Chair

1.Motor driven chair , DC24V / ≤3.8A motor
2.PU chair and backrest upholstery
3.Seat with safety strap
4.Heavy-Gauged Steel Framing-plating and painting
5.Backrest moving range :80°– 180°
6.Chair moving range: 540-750mm, Max. Load: 200kg
7.Foot controller working for chair movement and handpiece

Dinosaur chair

1.The seat cushions of the chair are all made of memory foam seat with ergonomic design, making the chair comfortable for children patient, and the extension seat is specially designed for children over 150cm in height.
2. The maximum width of seat cushion is 50cm.

Adjustable dinosaur headrest

Simply take off the head when the chair in work

Dentist Element

Lovely devifish tray 2.Big instrument table with cover 3.Three way syringe with cold water and removable tip

Assistant Element

Three way syringe with warm water and removable tip 2.Saliva ejector and air suction with high quality tubing.

Smile apple ceramic cuspidor

Timed cup filler and spittoon flusher

LED operation light with sensor

1. LED operation light with sensor.
2. Bionic design,patented design.
3. Up to 300 reflective palta,the projecting plane of them are more than φ180.
4. Gripping comfort and easy to clean.
5. Sensor range is 20mm-80mm.
6. Light intensity (lux):>35000lux.
7. Color temperature:5000-6000K.

Multifunction foot pedal

The chair functions can be activated handsfree: With the foot control that can be operated even more intuitively. You can aslo control water, air, cup water and cuspidor water using the foot control.

Dentist stool

1.Seat 360 Rotation
2.Seat Height Adjustment:About 510mm To 630mm
3.Backrest Height Adjustment
4.Backrest Backward Adjustment

Dinosaur assistant move lever

Drawer for gift

Kids song player

Tablet PC

Complete dental handpiece kit

Kit Includes :

  1. Led dental turbines 2pcs.
  2. Contra angle low-speed handpiece 1pc.
  3. Straight handpiece 1 pc.
  4. Air motor 1 pc.
  5. Luxury Dental box 1 pc.

    Technical parameters and specifications for the low-speed handpiece
    1. Air Pressure:0.25(Mpa)-0.3(Mpa)
    2. Water pressure:198Kpa(2Kg)
    3. Forward rotation speed:18(krpm)
    4. Reversal rotation speed:16( krpm)
    5. Torque:0.4(N)-0.45(N)
    6. Bur size:Φ2.334-Φ2.355(mm)
    7. Water flow:90(min/ml)-110(min/ml)
    8. Water pressure:0.2(Mpa)-0.23(Mpa)
    9. Atomization pressure:0.3(Mpa)-0.35(Mpa)
    10. Noise:≤65dB
    11. Chuck type:push button type

    Description:Internal watercourse, push-button type, can use polisher, burs, dental lab disc, reamer, 4 holes and 2 holes optional

    Technical parameters and specifications for the dental turbine

    1. Air Pressure:0.25(Mpa)-0.3(Mpa)
    2. Rotor Speed:300(krpm)-350(krpm)
    3. Torque:0.4(N)-0.45(N)
    4. Water flow:90(min/ml)-110(min/ml)
    5. Water pressure:0.2(Mpa)-0.23(Mpa)
    6. Atomization pressure:0.3(Mpa)-0.35(Mpa)
    7. Noise:≤65dB
    8. Light:LED
    9. Luminance:16000(LUX)-20000(LUX)
    10. Temperature:5500(K)-6000(K)

    Description:Torque head, push button, E-generator, triple spray,4 holes and 2 holes optional, exposed cartridge, the cartridge can be compatible with KAVO 8000 handpiece.

Details :

  1. Voltage: 110V-220V.
  2. Power: 850W.
  3. Frequency: 50-60 Hz.
  4. Traffic: 100L/min.
  5. Noise: 53-60Db.
  6. Speed: 1400r/min.
  7. Volume: 32L.
  8. Maximum pressure: 0.8MPa Start-up pressure: 0.5MPa.
  9. NW: 26Kg GW(Carton):29Kg GW(Wooden box):32Kg Size: 40×40×62cm.
  10. Carton: 44×44×72cm.
  11. Wooden box Dimension: 45×45×65cm.

Details :

  1. 17 inch HD Taiwan chip technology.
  2. Sony camera probe (10 megapixels).
  3. U disk can play 3D Video.
  4. Communication between doctor and patient.
  5. Can store pictures and videos.
  6. Handel with close shooting focus technology.
  7. Dual remote control camera design play pack.
  8. You can choose between single and Quad display.
  9. 8G U disk.
  10. Mounting bracket .( sizes (45 mm,51mm).

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