Watch the video for unboxing of AD014 dental loupes

ADAE New generation AD014 dental loupes (Big Sale)

  • $249

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Four vivid colors with premium coating for extra durability

A premium set of multicoated lenses manufactured by our ADAE Medical engineers for crystal clear vision

New smart design developed by our talented engineers

Watch the video to see the installation of loupes part on your glasses frame.

Basic features 

  1. Ultra-lightweight : 75g.
  2. Material: ABS plastic / PVC leather.
  3. Lens Material: HD optical multicoated glass.
  4. Wide range of working distance 320mm-420mm.
  5. Depth of field: 2.5X (90mm) 3.5X (80mm).
  6. Vision: 2.5X (100mm) 3.5X (60mm).
  7. A large field of view, long depth of field with high-resolution HD optical multicoated glass.
  8. Basic functions: Bi-directional adjustment IPD, manual focus
  9. New generation: The loupes and LED light can be used with your own eyeglasses frame as well.
  10. Light source: highly-bright LED light with adjustable brightness.
  11. The power of LED bulb: 3W.
  12. Charging time: 5 hours.
  13. Light intensity: 15000,40000LUX.
  14. Battery life after a full charge: ~4 hours.
  15. battery weight: 100g.
  16. Charge voltage: AC110V/240V/50-60Hz.

Packing list 

  1. Loupes 1 pc.
  2. Battery 1pc.
  3. LED headlight with LED filter 1pc.
  4. Glasses wiping cloth 1pc.
  5. Screwdriver 1pc.
  6. Battery charger 1pc .
  7. headband 1 pc.
  8. Aluminum box 1pc.
  9. LED filter and side shield (Optional).


One Year 

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews

Best loupes with the best service ever.

Great Deal

I am a dental hygienist, I have never worn loupes before. I have been in practice for 10 years, and decided to give loupes a try, but did not want to spend $1800 just in case I did not like them. These loupes are a great deal for such reasonable a price.


Wooow Very nice I like it very much . Nice purple color


Really good loupes for a very reasonable price. Loved the packaging it came in


Chegou perfeito e no tempo orogramado