New generation-Upgraded version-AD014 dental loupes

  • $250

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 Watch the video for the unboxing 

Basic features 

Ultra-lightweight : 75g

Material:  ABS plastic / PVC leather

Lens Material: HD optical multicoated glass

Working distance: 2.5X (320-420mm) 3.5X (320-420mm)

Depth of field: 2.5X (90mm) 3.5X (80mm)

Vision: 2.5X (100mm) 3.5X (60mm)

Large field of view, long depth of field, high resolution, fast

positioning, comfortable to wear.

Basic functions: Bi-directional adjustment IPD, manual focus

New generation :The loupes and Led light can be used with your own eye glasses frame as well.

Light source:  high-brightness LED light source, adjustable brightness

Battery life: ~4 hours 

battery weight :100g

Charge voltage: AC110V/240V/50-60Hz

Packing list 

1 × Loupes

1 × Battery

1 × LED head light

1 × Glasses cloth

1 × Screwdriver

1 × Adaptor

1x headband 

1x Aluminum box


One Year 


Watch the video below to see the installation of loupes part on your glasses frame. 





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