Teeth Whitening Light AD010

  • $599

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Quick Details

Model Number:          AD010

Input power:               AC100-240V.50-60Hz

Output:                      19V

Power out:                 12 W or 24 W

Material:                     High quality aluminum

Led:                           Osram blue led

Wave length:             390-490nm

Certificate:                 CE

Carton size:               58*46*20cm

Weight:                      8.5kg

Usage:                       For teeth whitening use





More details

•  A professional teeth whitening machine ideal for dental, salon or spas. 

•  German Osram LED for performance and reliability

•  Full aluminum body with case

•  LED life expectancy > 50.000 hours

•  Easy to read and use control panel

•  Audible timer countdown

•  Total hours used, which is recorded on the timer for excellent inventory control

•  Lightweight and sturdy for superior maneuverabiligy

•  Wheelbase disassembles in minutes for easy transportation

•  Superior technology for unsurpassed realiability

•  2Pairs of safety glasses included

•  Stylish aluminium wheeled case protects and carries all parts of the light during transport.



One Year 


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