ADAE AD003 teeth whitening light

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Quick Details

Model Number:              AD003

Power draw maximum:   72 Watts

Light source:                 Light emitting diodes

Light output:                  135 lm

Wave length:                 430-470nm

Inspection mode:           Broad spectrum 5500 K

Surface temperature at head: 110F / 43,4 C

Timer control:                8-bit microprocessor

Certificate:                     CE

Gross weight:                8kg

Volume weight:             16kg

Usage:                          For teeth whitening use


About AD001 teeth whitening light

•  The AD001 emits two forms of light: The white light is used to accurately grading clients teeth, regardless of lighting conditions - the other is blue light

for enhancing teeth whitening gels and whitening the clients teeth.

•  The blue teeth whitening light are specially designed for teeth whitening use. Using a wavelength of 430-470 nm that offers enhanced whitening results.

•  The shade matching light with its corrective light technology - produces white light that replicates daylight (colour temperature 5000° Kelvin). Offering

unmatched precision before and after results.



One Year 


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