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Dentist stool (ADAE-6)

  • $230

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Quick features :

Superior quality imported casters  highly durable for 5 years 

The backrest can recline by 10 degrees

Double adjusters.



Designed for dentists;
To ease the strain of lumbar muscles;Reduce fatigue and nerve compression;The prevention of periarthritis of shoulder and carpal tunnel or vascular syndrome;To solve the problem of poor blood flow to the thigh;
Prevention of varicose veins etc.
Product introduction:
Part name                        Parameter                     Remarks
Backrest(L*W*thickness)         310*385*40mm                   Prismatic
Cushion(L*W*thickness)          430*400*65mm
Rod                          opening range 120mm
Five star bracket              diameter 560mm
Casters                            50mm
Seat load capacity                 450kg
The maximum height 
from the ground cushion            550mm
The minimum height 
from the ground cushion            430mm
Backrest lean back range           10°
Backrest telescopic range          160mm
Overall dimensions (L*W*H)      580*580*810mm
Chassis dimensions                 355*300mm                 Dual function
Seat weight(G.W)                 11kg
Packing size                    54.5*27.5*52cm       

 Important notes:

*The overall stools of all models have 2-years warranty;


*Imported casters have 5-years warranty;

*Aluminum foot-stands are coated. This technique makes stools look more up-scale, and it can prevent the aluminum parts from getting oxidized, as plain aluminum is highly inclined to get oxidized which makes it black and look dirty and worn-out.


*The cylinder is durable and safe (100% filled with nitrogen (If not, the cylinder could be explosive); It ensures over 100,000 times of up-and-down movement).

Cause of Cylinder Explosion:

  1. Cylinder is Not 100% filled with Nitrogen;

  2. Cylinder does not have enough pressure resistance.





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