Coxo Gutta percha C-Blade II cutter

  • $140

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1.Double unit rechange is available


2.Delicate handle, and very comfortable


3.Single button operate, heat up very fast


4.Non-contact recharge design


5.Battery has large capacity,which is capable of 100 times use

6. four different shape heat tip, can be sterilized under high temperature and press, can be used for various kinds of root canal

7. Heating fast,2 seconds to 160C

Note: please don't  touch the heating of hot

needle to avoid scalding.

Cooling fast,2 seconds to achieve  




Battery 1.2V, 2400mAh
Charger input voltage

AC230V,50Hz; AC110V, 60HZ

Power 2.5W
Heating temperature 160℃
Heat up time ≥2 s




One year



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