COXO C-SMART-1 ( Endo motor+apex apex locator)

  • $525

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Please, click this link to download the user manual:



1. Original Switzerland electro-motor

2. Color wide LCD screen

3. Drive-1:1 contra angle is available

4. Rotation speed and torque can be programmed to 9 settings

5. Auto torque reverse

6. Dual-frequency apex locator

7. 4 working modes

8. Auto apical reverse

9. Auto apical slow down

10. Auto start and stop

11. High capacity Li-ion chargeable battery

12. Auto power off and memory function

13.both apex lacate and endo at the same time



 1:1mini contra angle foot control and hand control built-in wire,easy for installtion
 metal clips plastic shell(totally insulated)  both apex lacate and endo at the same time


        upgraded version                                                                 professional medical connection


 4 different safety funtions:  

1.apex locate

2.endodontic treatment
3.reciprocating rotate head
4.apex locator& endodontic treatment





Technical parameters 


1. Adaptor working voltage:AC100-240V, 50-60HZ

2. 5 settings for adjustable rotational speed, ranging from 125 to 625rpm

3. Adjustable torque, range:0.3-5.2N.cm(3-52mN.m)

C-SMART-1:External wire (complicate for installation)


Packing list

1* Main unit
1* Contra angle
1* Motor handpiece
1*Silicon coat
1*File holder
1* power adapter
1*Foot switch
1*Test wire
1*Contra angle holder
1*Lip hook
1* Handle base
1* Lip hook line
1* Users' manual
1* Torque setting Card


One year 




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