COXO C sailor Pro Implant motor (Just arrived)

  • $1,899

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1- Full touch big screen
The large size screen ensures that the treatment parameters are visible at any time

2- Graphical planting process selection, a variety of parameters at a glance
Every planting process is set up to solve the tedious setting

3- Ad hoc separate irrigation procedures for ease of use
Cooling and flushing of inner and outer channel

4- Built in water supply system with small size, good performance and
convenient connection
4 shifts water supply up to 150ml/min

5- A new generation of motors with torque of up to 80N.cm
High performance brushless motor, powerful torque output, highly
efficient chip structure

6- motors and cables can be sterilized at high temperature and pressure
Lighter and shorter motor, long work no fatigue

7-LED lighting helps clinicians focus more on the treatment area and
make surgery more accurate
High brightness LED light source with brightness up to 30000lux

8- illumination and sound can be adjusted
Give doctors more autonomy in setting up options

9- multifunctional pedal controller
Aseptic operation can be achieved, giving the maximum freedom
of the handle
The handle can be easily connected to the pedal controller


Technical parameters 

Maximum power:150W
Power supply:230V, 50Hz, 110Vac
Motor speed:300--40000rpm
Adjustable torque:5Ncm--80Ncm
Water supply volume:4 blocks adjustable, 150ml/min
Light source illumination:30000lux
Motor:surgical brushless motor



one year 


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