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Coxo C-fill B Pack Obturation Gun

  • $550

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1.Wireless handpiece,easy to use;

2.Holding and operating very comfortable;

3.Exactly temperature-control and thermal protector cap can be avoiding scald;

4.gun needle can be 360° rotation,more easy to get the fill position;

5.gun needle screw design, effectively prevent the glue;

6.It can be at 200℃ in 30S,can be melting all kinds of gutta percha;

7.Large capacity for battery,which can use long time。






  Obturation  Technique  


Technical parameters 

1. Li-ion chargeable battery:3.7V 2200mAh

2. Heating time:30s to 200℃

3.working temperature:160℃、180℃、200℃、230℃

4.adaptor:Input:100V-240V AC


5.Operating time:continuous for 1.5h

6.Gun Needle:23G, 25G



One Year