AZ dental implant motor with Swiss made surgical brushless motor

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Technical parameters

  1. Power: AC230V, 50/60HZ-110V.
  2. Torque: 5.0-55N.cm (20:1).
  3. BLDC Speed: 0rpm-40000rpm.
  4. RPM: 30-2500rpm (20:1).
  5. Infusion flow(maximum): 150ml/min.
    Internal motor :Original Swiss made imported surgical brushless motor.
  6. Reduction geared contra angle with internal and external irrigation

Original Swiss made Surgical brushless motor

1. Speed is from 0 rpm to 40000 rpm. high torque and wide speed range for all kinds of treatment

2. Maximum torque is 55N.cm. powerful torque output can be efficient cutting bone

3. Unmatched stability, no overheating, silent

Foot control pedal

1. Multifunctional foot control pedal could achieve all the operating functions

2. Easy and flexible

Intelligent cooling system

1. hand control and foot control.

2. inner and external channel cooling and wash.

3. quiet and strong water pump.

High-performance control system

The 1. big LCD screen, easy to operate

2. 10 kinds of the reduction contra angle to choose

3. 10 setting programs, preset the speed of air motor, cooling liquid flow and torque, reverse and specific speed

4. Achieve stepless speed regulation

Packing list:

  1. Mian control unit 1pc.
  2. Foot pedal 1pc.
  3. Power cord 1pc.
  4. Motor with wire 1pc.
  5. Water supply bottle holder 1pc.
  6. Motor holder 1pc.
  7. Pipe clasp 8pcs.
  8. Y type isocon 1pc.
  9. an internal water spray nozzle 1pc.
  10. Contra angle push button speed reducing handpiece for implant 20:1 1pc.
  11. Fuse 1pc.
  12. Prevent steam bolt 1pc.
  13. Water supply pipe 1pc.
  14. Nozzle for contra angle 1pc.


One year 

Customer Reviews

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Dr Tara jameel,DDS

I highly recommend this implant motor, worth the money.

Azmy mahmoud

Good and Powerful motor

What a deal!

great implant motor for a great price

Michael Ferrando

Customer service is outstanding.

marian phipps

The quality is quite good and arrived in short time.

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