ADAE E11 premium promotional X-ray package

  • $1,099

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Quick details

  1. This dental package is only available for a limited period, and our store will stop automatically, once the number of packages reserved for this purpose sold out.
  2. This dental package is covered with worldwide free air express shipping into your doorstep.
  3. All the items in this package are covered with a one year warranty.

Items included in this package

ADAE Portable X-ray machine (One year warranty).

Watch the video below for the details and the quality of the X ray image with regular dental film

Watch the video below for the details and the quality of the X ray image with sensor

Lead apron

Lead neck shield

Customer Reviews

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It's v. Good equipement

I wounder about film process is it Like CR ? By thermal film ? Or manuel process

HI ! Dear Alhadi , ADAE portable X ray is only a portable X ray machine that you can use with your regular dental film then you need to process it later after the exposure, exactly the same as what you used to do with regular X R ray machines. Or also you can use the portable with X ray sensor. Simply put, the X ray sensor is cable that has two ends, one end is the sensor where you need to put it inside the patient's mouth which will act as the film, and the other end of cable is a USB that will connect to your computer. After receiving the exposure, the X ray image will be generated immediately and will be displayed on your computer. We do highly recommend you to read this simple article by our main manager, so you would have a better understanding of the Digital dentistry Copy and paste the link below to view the article: https://www.adae.store/blogs/news/why-x-ray-sensors-are-important-in-dentistry Take Care, ADAE Support Team