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ADAE dental intraoral LED fog free photo system kit

  • $259

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The quality of images taken by our product


The kit comes with main unit and 4 mirrors ( Occlusal L mirror, Occlusal L mirror, Lingual mirror and buccal mirror).

Our diagnostic Mirror system features a micro fan in the base that prevents fogging. There is a system of LED lighting to provide direct lighting. The interchangeable highly polished stainless steel mirrors are a unique feature.

The base serves as a handle during the process of oral photography. Some hygienists get tired of struggling in keeping their intra-oral mirror from fogging. Our new fog free intra oral photo system confers a constant fan on an attached intra oral mirror, averting the issue of fogging. This system also acts like an additional LED lighting system, making it easier for you and your camera to see within the mouth.

Mirrors that are fogged make intraoral photography frustrating and time consuming. The handle helps in continuously blowing a steady light flow of air across the mirror, eliminating the condition of fogging. The built-in LED lighting creates easy, fast and brilliant optics. The quality of dental mirror directly affects the quality of picture. High quality dental photos are a pre-requisite for teaching, research, presentation of cases and marketing. The mirror system being rhodium free has better resistance to scratches.

It is at the forefront of identifying innovative, safe and effective diagnostic and surgical dental supplies. Trust it for therapeutic, diagnostic, preventative and surgical dental tools that meet global standards. They cater to the entire niche of dental clinical settings, including latest equipment, disposable items and standards tools.


  1. Construction:This diagnostic system has a micro fan in the base to prevent fogging. LED lighting system provides direct lighting
  2. Design: Base serves as a handle for oral photography. Designed by experts so that hygienists in dental labs can get rid of struggling in keeping their intra-oral mirror from fogging. A constantly rotating fan has been provided to avert the issue of fogging
  3. Application: the built-in LED lighting creates way for fast optics. High quality dental photos are essential for teaching, research, presentation of cases and marketing
  4. Superior Quality Standards: these needle holders are manufactured from surgical grade tungsten carbide and are hand polished to last long.
  5. Packaging: is tested for surpassing dental hygiene. Brand new, undamaged and unpacked. Packaged safely to avoid damage of any sort. Clinical instrument is precision-ground and superiorly hand-finished by experts.


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its my first time to place the order with your shop and the package arrived to my address so fast. I'm pleased with your shop.