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Coxo C-AS extraoral aerosol suction unit (FDA-CE approved)-Big Sale

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Quick feature

Our (FDA-CE-UK MHRA certified) ADAE COXO extra oral suction unit provides a strong and rapid suction of aerosol particles, bacterial droplets, blood, virus, etc.
We do believe that this extra oral suction machine is a very necessary and critical part that each dental clinic should have as it provides a highly safe and healthy environment and effectively prevents the cross infection between doctors and patients.

Technical parameters

  1. FDA, CE and UK MHRA certified.
  2. Voltage: 220V-110V.
  3. Input power: 500W.
  4. Wind speed: 14m/s.
  5. Noise: <62dB.
  6. Suction pipe diamater: 60mm.
  7. Suction capacity: 4.5m³/min.
  8. Spray and aerosol suction rate: over 99%.
  9. Director of smoking: 1.7cm.
  10. System flow: 270m7h.
  11. Overall dimension: 280*280*540mm.
  12. Weigh: 10KG.
  13. Filter layers: 4 layers.
  14. Filter’s life time: 6 months.
  15. Filters included with machine: 1 filter (four layers)-You can choose how many extra filters you need to purchase with machine.


One year.

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Customer Reviews

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M A Fowler

I am going to order a second extra oral dental suction machine . I was happy with the first one you sent.


This is our first Dental External Oral Suction Device and we really like it!


Honestly, a great product. Very effective in removing aerosols--you can see it working! Patients feel much more comfortable coming to our office due to this machine.

Dr.Damaries Candelario

My machines are up and running. Thank you for sending them to us