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Coxo C-AS extraoral aerosol suction unit (FDA-CE approved)-Big Sale

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Quick feature

Our (FDA-CE-UK MHRA certified) ADAE COXO extra oral suction unit provides a strong and rapid suction of aerosol particles, bacterial droplets, blood, virus, etc.
We do believe that this extra oral suction machine is a very necessary and critical part that each dental clinic should have as it provides a highly safe and healthy environment and effectively prevents the cross infection between doctors and patients.

Technical parameters

  1. FDA, CE and UK MHRA certified.
  2. Voltage: 220V-110V.
  3. Input power: 500W.
  4. Wind speed: 14m/s.
  5. Noise: <62dB.
  6. Suction pipe diamater: 60mm.
  7. Suction capacity: 4.5m³/min.
  8. Spray and aerosol suction rate: over 99%.
  9. Director of smoking: 1.7cm.
  10. System flow: 270m7h.
  11. Overall dimension: 280*280*540mm.
  12. Weigh: 10KG.
  13. Filter layers: 4 layers.
  14. Filter’s life time: 6 months.
  15. Filters included with machine: 1 filter (four layers)-You can choose how many extra filters you need to purchase with machine.


One year.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

This suction device works great so far and has a good suction power.

Dr. Deshika,DDS

Received in perfect condition, and I am very pleased with it.

Ali Raheem

Used this machine for almost 2 months and I am confident to say it has very powerful suction and very quiet. I definitely will recommend my friends to purchase from you.

M A Fowler

I am going to order a second extra oral dental suction machine . I was happy with the first one you sent.


This is our first Dental External Oral Suction Device and we really like it!

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