ADAE air prophy unit (with anti suction and anti blockage)-New release

  • $310


1.Only use for Supragingival
2.Full metal body
3.High-volume powder chamber
4.Can be sterilized in temperature of 135, except the powder chamber
5.Designed to ensure easy vision of the treatment area
6.Gentle air polishing for the removal of soft deposits
7. Tungsten steel nozzle can rotate 360°
8. Increases adhesion to 400%.
9. Attractive design allows for dexterous handling & manipulation
10. 360 º rotations assure effective hidden tartar removal
11. Disperses evenly with no splashing
12. Specially designed to prevent backflow and blockage
13. Easy to clean and simple to maintain
14. Easy to replace of working heads or spray nozzles
15. Easy to be connected with high speed connecting hose
16. This air prophy is a proven ergonomic and easy to use air-driven dental air polishing lightweight unit. That makes routine cleaning and polishing procedures easier and more efficient than ever before.
17. The air prophy is a compact bicarbonate-jet whitening system with a quick-fit connection to the turbine.


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