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DT2000 dental scanner

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The main features of our DT2000 dental scanner 

1-   Blue light scanning technology

Blue light 3D scanning technology replace the white light 3D scanning technology, less sensitive to the ambient light,Highlighting the minutiae,Provide high-quality three-dimensional model data.
2-High efficiency

Using structured light plane array technology, high Scan speed,high efficiency ;  A large number of algorithm uses graphics acceleration, improve processing speed.
3-More detail

Advanced post-processing algorithms ensure data validity.
4-High precision

Grating precision measurement method ensure high precision and high resolution, the highest precision is less than 0.015mm.
5-Fully-automatic scanning
Fully-automatic turntable, easy to operate, A key to achieve a three-dimensional model scanning.
6-  Open system
Open scanning system,Standard STL data interface,It supports a variety of open design software.
7-  Compact design
The latest vertical design,saves space and reduces weight
8-Strong compatibility
Demetdent 3D dental scanning software can output high quality standard STL data directly,compatible with most CAD/CAM software.

Technical Parameter:




2 Scanning Technology Binocular grating
3 3D scanning area 100mm*100mm*75mm
4 resolution 1,300,000
5 3D scanning principle Non-contact BLUE light scanning
6 Scanning speed Full Arch 33s;Upper Jaw/Lower Jaw 47s;
1 single tooth 35s ;      2-8 teeth 37-45s;
Impression 2mins.
7 Accuracy <15 micron
8 Dimension 310(W)*470(H)*310(D)mm
9 Weight 20KG
10 Working temperature 0-40 °C
11 Power DC24V
12 Output data format STL



One year 


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