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AD009 dental loupes ( with battery and LED)

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Product parameters 

1- Magnification power: 2.5X-3.0X-4.0X-5.0X-6.0X.

2-Working distances: 330mm, (420mm recommended). 

3.Field of views:

A- 2.5 X : 110mm

B- 3.5X  : 100mm

C- 4.0X  : 85mm

D- 5.0X. : 70mm

E- 6.0X : 64mm 

4.Total weight with LED in use:

A-Total weight with LED in use for 2.5X , 3.5X : ~200 gm.

B-Total weight with LED in use for 4X,5X, 6X: ~220 gm.

5.Chargeable battery pack-Battery capacity 1800 mAh.

6-Voltage: AC90-250V.

7-LED power: 3W.

8.Illumination: 40000LX.

9.Color temperature: 6500K.


  1. Magnifying tube: High-end optical design, multi-layer lens coated AR coating, sophisticated assembly process to ensure premium quality.
  2. PD adjustment: Mobile adjustment IPD.
  3. Lenses angle: The lens barrel can be adjusted by convergence to get a different distance of an object image.
  4. Joint adjustment: Can be adjusted to meet each individual needs.
  5. Lenses: Magnifier lenses can block splashes and they are removable.
  6. Frame: Frame made of lightweight materials for the support pieces.
  7. Cleaning cloth and screwdriver included.
  8. Highly-bright LED light source.
  9. A fully charged battery can last up to 5 hours.
  10. Package size: 185 * 125 * 70mm.

Packing list 

  1. Aluminum alloy box 1pc.
  2. LED headlight  1pc.
  3. Main body 1pc.
  4. Battery 1pc.
  5. User Manual  1pc.
  6. Wiping cloth 1pc.
  7. Screwdriver 1pc.


One Year 

Customer Reviews

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very nice loupes

great dealing with you

was an amazing deal on these loupes and led.


Got them, nice loupes


I bought these as my first pair of loupes and iam satisfied with them

shelly maddox

bought it serveral days ago, very happy with the acquisition. Great quality. I am looking for orthodontic products? I can not find any at your store

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