AD-1 Painless dental gun

  • $750

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It is a professional and painless local anesthesia device for oral cavity, which is applied for all diagnosis offices of stomatology department, and is appropriate for local infiltration anesthesia during the treatments of oral diseases, such as intraoral cure, repair, reform, small size of surgical operation and so on while combined with Primacaine, Scandonest and other major anesthetics for oral cavity. This instrument adopts technologies of advanced rotation needle, steady flow velocity , manufacture of narcotic passageway, and so on ,thus there can be no pain throughout the entire treatment . Unique design and easy way of injection make the operation easier. So it makes patients reduce fear, pain and anxiety, at the same time, reduces the doctors’ pressure.


One host Two boosting tubes (one is English system , the other is Metric system , may disinfected under high temperature and high pressure) One charging base One power adapter.


1.The host uses the standard 1.80 ML card board type anesthetics and two types of needle(the English system and the Metric system). Mainly used for oral anesthesia injection.

2.No pipeline or consumables, save the anesthetic and clinical cost.

3.Unique design , needle type holding and one key type operation , that make the doctor operate it more easily .

4.Working environment: equipment is suitable for the common environment places.

5.Power adapter input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz output: 12VDC

6.Work power: in-built Lithium batterie

7.Standby time: 30 days

8.Working time: a sufficient electricity, continuous working time more than 200 minutes

9.Speed output: high/medium/low three gears, Low-speed: about 360 seconds/1.8ml, Medium speed: about 180 seconds/1.8ml, High-speed: about 108 seconds/1.8ml.

10.Work instructions: LED green lights 11)alarm instructions: LED red flashes.

11.Aalarm instructions: LED red flashes.


One year 



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