(4 in one) ADAE dental X ray package

  • $2,999

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Package includes :

1-UK made ATECO X ray sensor AT303 (Two years warranty).

2-ADAE Portable X ray machine (One year warranty).

3-Premium ADAE lead apron (One year warranty)

4-Premium ADAE lead collar (One year warranty).


Specifications of each item in the package.

1-ATECO UK made X ray senso


Watch the video below for the details



1.Our new mode ( just arrived) AT303 which has the advantage of not have the control box that the old model AT301,AT302 had it. Therefore; this will enhance the handling of X ray sensor by the operator.

2. The whole cable is made of medical grade flame fire-retardant PU material. Good tensile resistance, antibacterial and protecting ultra fine conductive wire core. Long lifetime and durable in use.

3. Waterproof design allows it to be wiped with disinfecting solution.

4.  Upgraded CMOS technology with a low power consumption. The lifetime of professional clip is more than 500,000 times, which providing more durability and compatibility with all kinds of X-ray machines.

5.The high details generated by ATECO X ray and the low x-ray dose helps you to diagnose the tooth lesions and problems more accurately.

6.The ability to provide  professional connectivity solutions. All the information can be viewed in different locations.

7.The scintillator makes high-definition images.

8.Fast imaging employing steady acquisition, saving the filing time and improving work efficiency.

9. Professional image management software to help you managing the X ray images easily and efficiently.


Technical parameters of AT303

Operating Conditions

Environment Temperature : +10℃~+40℃

Environment relative humidity : ≤95%;

Air pressure : 860hPa~1060hPa;

Safety Classifications

Safety Type: Class-Ⅱ BF

Power: DC5V Maximum 600MA.Rate of Work: Max 1W

Degree of protection against ingress of water: IPX7

Non AP equipment, non APG equipment

Mode of operation: Continuous operation


Advantage of the new model AT303

Our new mode ( just arrived) AT303 which has the advantage of not have the control box that the old models ; AT301,AT302 used to have. Therefore; this new feature will enhance the handling of X ray sensor by the operator. Watch the pictures below  for illustration


Th operating software of the new ATECO AT303 has these two advances new features:




Packing list

Manual 1pc

CD 1pc

X-Ray Sensor with controller 1pc

Holder 1pc

Sleeves 1 bag



Two years  







2- ADAE portable X ray machine with extra charger.


Watch  video below for the details and the quality of the X ray image with sensor


Watch the video below for the details and the quality of the X ray image with regular dental film 



Watch the Quality of the X ray image taken by ADAE portable x ray machine


Our portable X ray radiation :   0.0025 gmy/h.

10 times less than the conventional X ray machine 

Dental portable x-ray unit

1.small,light weight

2.nearly no radiation

3.excellent image quality


1.It also can connect with sensor, is great convenience.

2.The body is small, light weight and nearly no radiation.

3.It uses high frequency and DC international power supply.

4.It has excellent image quality, portable storage, save more space.

5.This unit mainly suitable for oral pre-treatment for learning internal organizational structure, root canal therapy,dental implant and so on, is indispensable in daily life clinic equipment, especially for dental implant surgery.



Technical parameters  

Tube voltage


Tube current


Exposure time




Rate power


Distance from skin to cone


Tube focus



DC14.8V          6400mAh

Charger input voltage


Output voltage


Ambient temperature


Relative temperature


Net weight






 Packing List

Main body

1  pcs           


2 pcs+ 

User manual

1 pcs



One year 



3- ADAE lead apron:


4-ADAE collar lead shield



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all what I need for my clinic and price is affordable.