(4 in one)ADAE dental X ray package

  • $3,000

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Package includes :

1-UK made ATECO X ray sensor.

2-ADAE Portable X ray machine.

3-Premium ADAE lead apron. 

4-Premium ADAE lead collar.


Specifications of each item in the package.

1-ATECO UK made X ray senso


Watch the video below for the details 


(1) We use high quality APS CMOS sensor, higher resolution ups to 27 lp/mm in theoretical with different scintillator options.

(2) Active area as 22.5 x 30mm for Size 1 / the worldwide average length of molar is 22mm so that we could make sure the whole teeth pix to be taken and no info lost.

(3) Higher image pixels as a result of pixel size in 18.5μm; Size 1 is 1.9Mega pixels

(4) TWAIN driver , the hardware is able to work with any other dental imaging/management software as long as it has TWAIN function , so no need to worry about the compatibility.

(5) Come with a powerful imaging software- with strong and useful processing algorithms but easy to use.

(6) Repair the broken cables to cost down/lower maintenance cost. Ateco sensor is with an

 improved extremely flexible & robust cable to lessen the possible cable broken problems;

 besides, we could do cable replacement if it really happens.

(7) Can cover more market (different X-ray unit conditions) needs, like for some extremely low

 dose X-ray units (by poor voltage stability & X-ray tube quality), Ateco sensor could still work

 well while some others might even not have images.


 Technical paramaters 

Resolution  27 lp/mm 
Active area 22.5 x 30mm 
Sensing pixels 1.9Mega pixels
Launched software APP  iPhone & iPad / Android system will be available
Connection USB Standard 



Two years warranty  






2- ADAE portable X ray machine with extra charger.


Watch  video below for the details and the quality of the X ray image with sensor


Watch the video below for the details and the quality of the X ray image with regular dental film 



Watch the Quality of the X ray image taken by ADAE portable x ray machine


Our portable X ray radiation :   0.0025 gmy/h.

10 times less than the conventional X ray machine 

Dental portable x-ray unit

1.small,light weight

2.nearly no radiation

3.excellent image quality


1.It also can connect with sensor, is great convenience.

2.The body is small, light weight and nearly no radiation.

3.It uses high frequency and DC international power supply.

4.It has excellent image quality, portable storage, save more space.

5.This unit mainly suitable for oral pre-treatment for learning internal organizational structure, root canal therapy,dental implant and so on, is indispensable in daily life clinic equipment, especially for dental implant surgery.



Technical parameters  

Tube voltage


Tube current


Exposure time




Rate power


Distance from skin to cone


Tube focus



DC14.8V          6400mAh

Charger input voltage


Output voltage


Ambient temperature


Relative temperature


Net weight






 Packing List

Main body

1  pcs           


2 pcs+ 

User manual

1 pcs



One year 








3- ADAE lead apron:


4-ADAE collar lead shield



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