promotional package (Korean Portable X ray + X ray sensor)YesBiotech

  • $2,950

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This package includes :

1-YesBiotech portable X ray .

2-YesBiotech X ray sensor.

-One year warranty for each item-




1-YesBiotech portable X ray .


dental x ray equipments 

  1. CE Mark 
  2. Wiress and Portable 
  3. High Quality 



– Material : Lithium-Polymer 

– Charge Condition 

Current : 1.0 A 

Voltage : 16.8 VDC 

Temperature : 0 °C ~ 40° C 

– Use condition 

Max. current : 10 A 

Voltage range : 12(min) ~ 16.8(MAX) V 

Temperature : -20 °C ~ 60 °C 


– Model : JBL910A-1600 

– Input Voltage : 100 ~ 250 VAC 

– Output Voltage : 16.8 VDC 

– Current : 1.0A 


Technical Data

Name: Rayme 

Tube Voltage : 70kV(fixed) 

Tube Current : 1mA(fixed) 

X-Ray Tube type : Bipolar fixied X-ray tube 

X-Ray Tube model : DG-073B-DC 

X-Ray Tube Focal Size : 0.3*0.3mm 

Cooling system : Oil cooling 

Total filtration : 1.6 mm Al 

(Inherent filtration : 0.8mm, fixed added filter :0.7 mm Aluminum) 

Target angle : 21° 

Time Set-up function : 0.10 ~ 1.80 sec 

Source to image receptor distance : >10cm (fixed by cone) 

X-ray field : 50 mm (round-style)  

Size of main body : 139(W) x 163(H) x 66.5mm(D) 

Weight of body : About 1.8 kg (except the battery pack)


One year 



2-YesBiotech X ray sensor.

 What Features of our Dental X-ray Sensor?

1. The sensor has been designed to further appreciate the shape of the oral cavity of the patient. Thanks to its rounded corners and smooth edges the patient’s comfort has been optimized while making the sensor positioning easier.

2. The embedded electronics of the system is so miniaturized that everything is located in the sensor case! There is no need to find a place for the controller box on your work space.With hot plug & play technology, you just need to plug the USB connector in your computer: you are now ready to take an X-ray. Sometimes less is more!

3. With a theoretical resolution of 27 lp/mm coupled with a CMOS technology and a scintillator the image is exceptionally sharp with great clarity.

4. The sensor operates in USB 2.0 full speed mode.The high resolution image will instantaneously appear on your computer screen.

What Specifications of our Digital Dental X-ray Sensor?

1. Original made in Korea

2. CE&FDA Mark

3. New APS cmos sensor long life time (400,000 times)

What technical data of our Dental X ray Sensor Price?


APS CMOS sensor

External dimension (mm)

27.5×38.5(size 1); 32.3×44.3(size 2)

Sensor Active Area

22.5×30(size1); 27×36(size2)

Sensor Thickness


Dynamic Range



USB2.0 (5V, 4.25min)

Image Transfer Time

< 3sec

Cable Length

> 2m



 Powerful software included 



One Year