Rayme YesBiotech Korean Portable X ray (Upgraded version)

  • $1,200

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Watch the video below to see the use of YesBiotech portable X ray with the YesBiotech X ray sensor

Watch the video below for simple unboxing of YesBioetch portable X ray 


1-New upgraded features :

A.Upgraded Lithium Polymer battery with longer life.

B.Complete electronic board upgrade for more stability.

C.Upgraded Bipolar fixed X ray tube with smart cooling.

D.Smart upgraded X ray generator core.

2.Current : 1.0 A 

3.Voltage : 16.8 VDC 

4.Temperature : 0 °C ~ 40° C 

5.Use condition 

6.Max. current : 10 A 

7.Voltage range : 12(min) ~ 16.8(MAX) V 

8.Temperature : -20 °C ~ 60 °C 



– Model : JBL910A-1600 

– Input Voltage : 100 ~ 250 VAC 

– Output Voltage : 16.8 VDC 

– Current : 1.0A 


Technical Data

Name: Rayme 

Tube Voltage : 70kV (fixed) 

Tube Current : 1mA (fixed) 

X-Ray Tube type :  New Uprgared Bipolar fixed X-ray tube 

X-Ray Tube model : DG-073B-DC 

X-Ray Tube Focal Size : 0.3*0.3mm 

Cooling system :  New Oil cooling system.

Total filtration : 1.6 mm Al 

(Inherent filtration : 0.8mm, fixed added filter :0.7 mm Aluminum) 

Target angle : 21° 

Time Set-up function : 0.10 ~ 1.80 sec 

Source to image receptor distance : >10cm (fixed by cone) 

X-ray field : 50 mm (round-style)  

Size of main body : 139(W) x 163(H) x 66.5mm(D) 

Weight of body : About 1.8 kg (except the battery pack)


One year 


Sample of X ray images that our customers have shared with us using our Rayme YesBiotech portable X ray machine 

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