ADAE professional Intra oral camera (4 in one)-Touch screen

  • $799

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Quick Features 

1.17 inch screen with touch screen

2.Monitor BP and Blood Oxygen constantly

3. Could build documents of patients

4. handle with 6pcs LED and 3 contral key

5.Compatible Easy dentist, single vision


Technical parameters 

1. Screen Size: 17 inch.

2. Resolution: 1280 * 1204.

3, CPU: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU 23735F@1.33GHz.

4. System: Windows 8,32-bit operating systems.

5. Memory: 2GB.

6. Hard disk: 32GB.

7. The network: built-in wifi wireless network card can be online shopping, watching movies, listening to music.

8.Multiple computers on the LAN do the same clinic.

9. Can be connected to sensors and panoramic X-ray CT.

10. With a Dental image capture oral camera, doctor- patient communication, dentist housekeeper, heart rate monitoring and other application software.

11. 5 megapixel HD sensor, 6 white LED lights, USB connector.

12. heart rate, blood oxygen monitor 1 set.

13. blood pressure gauge 1 set.

14. power adapter 1 set.

15. dental chair mounting bracket 1 set.



One year 





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